Kingspark Steak House in Richmond

Even though we knew of this Kingspark Steak House, we had never ventured into it before. We had been to many of the restaurants in the strip mall across the road from the Richmond Public Market but not this one.


It was the name that prevented us from visiting this place earlier. We thought it was a steak house, like a Chinese version of Kegs or something. But far from it, it was a Hongkong Style Cafe more than it is a steak house. This place is much bigger than most HK Style Cafes around town. Despite its size, it was actually packed and one had to wait a bit for a table.


As in most HK Style Cafes, there is the free choice of beverage which comes with each order of entrees. They came in metal mugs. Unique, I must say.

Be prepared though for very slow service. The waiters and waitresses were so swamped that they actually go about with their heads down and avoid eye contact, lest you get their attention!! You really need to call out to them.

We ordered four items from their menu which were numbered. Guess what, despite ordering it by the number, they got THREE of our orders wrong. Gosh, we had never had this sort of things happening to us before. When the first dish came, we accepted it but when they brought us the other two also wrong, we refused to accept them.

Frankly, what annoys us was not over the wrong orders but that the bad attitude of the waiter who blamed us for the mess. He insists that we take the order but seeing his attitude, we refused to speak to him any further. After that, he did not come around to our table. *shrugs*


Nanzaro ordered Beef and Shrimp Paste Stir Fried Rice Noodles for $5.95. I must say that their prices were really cheap. This was actually very good. The Shrimp Paste is actually Belacan … that pungent popular Malaysian shrimp paste. You should try this one.


Arkensen ordered Salted Fish with Diced Chicken Fried Rice for $6.45. It was nicely done, in fact some of the better ones we had. There wasn’t really a lot of stuff in it but it was done just right … not soggy, not overly salty and smells great.


This is Chicken Steak with Black Pepper on Rice ($6.45). This was NOT what we ordered but we accepted this because it was not too bad. It is a simple rice dish with fried chicken. We actually liked the black pepper sauce. Nice.


Suanne ordered Eggplants and Shredded Chicken E-fu Noodle with XO sauce for $6.95. The serving is quite small. Overall, the dishes are very simple, no frills dishes, which explains their low prices. But taste wise they were quite good.

The total bill came to $32 including tax and tips. Yeah, we still left tips because the other waitress who served us was really sweet.

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  1. ironchef

    i used to go there because my dad liked it, but service was always pretty bad, recently, my mother went there and it was so bad that she walked out after a half hour of waiting and an hour of siting without food, then the wrong order….etc.

    service and attitude at this place is pretty bad, food is actually decent to good….when you get it.

    we still like silver tower….with the exception of pretty bad parking availability

  2. WildPA

    I like how you review the places where you eat. It makes me want to go out and walk into an interesting restaurant/eatery and do the same. I realize that there are so many places to go to and so many things to try. Keep up the good work.

  3. ukitake

    the service is very good now. not like how you say as the “The waiters and waitresses were so swamped that they actually go about with their heads down and avoid eye contact, lest you get their attention!! You really need to call out to them” seems like you haven’t gone back in a while. the food’s good, not expensive and comes in pretty big servings. =D

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