Thai Son Reopened in Richmond

Thai Son was one of the first restaurant reviews we made when we started blogging two years ago. We used to go there very often until one day the entire strip mall along the No 3 Road in Richmond was torn down. In place of that strip mall is the still under construction final stop of the new Skytrain Canada Line.


We were pleasantly surprised to find that they had reopened on Garden City and Leslie Road. It’s just across the road from Fabricana. Thai Son is now also opened in three other locations. They are also at:

  • 373 East Broadway, Vancouver
  • #230-2800 East 1st. Avenue, Vancouver
  • #201 4501 North Road, Burnaby

They had labeled themselves as “The Best Vietnamese Food in Town”. For us, they are really one of the best Vietnamese places we had been to.


The place is much larger than the old Thai Son but just as packed as it was then. I am pretty sure many of the patrons are return customers because there is no way a new restaurant in this location could draw that many people. This new location is quite out of the way for many.


Their menu is still the same ones we were so accustomed to from the old Thai Son restaurant on No 3 Road. It’s exactly the same except that they are newly printed. Oh, I remember their #30 … always had that. I remembered going to Thai Son and just ordered #30 without even looking at the menu.


The bean sprouts were blanched. It would have been nicer if it was blanched a bit longer. Great with a little sprinkle of salt and pepper.


Nanzaro ordered the large Seafood & Rice Noodles in Soup for $6.75. Nice hot broth and richly adorned with artificial crab, fish balls, squid and shrimp. Their portions are above average which is what we like.


This above is their #30. If you like spicy soupy noodles, then this is what you MUST order. #30 is known as the Thai Son Special Spicy Beef and Vermicelli in Soup. A large bowl costs $6.50. Put in dollops of oily chili flakes for that extra kick, if you like. What I like best is that meanest looking piece of pork hock … always enjoyed it and always regretting enjoying it too … it is nothing but just bones, skins and FAT. Oh yummy!


Arkensen had the ho-hum Beef Balls and Rice Noodles in Soup, $5.95 for large. We love the aromatic stock. The smell really sticks to our cloths, no kidding. If you eat here, take a moment to take a sniff of your shirt … the smell will stay for hours. Nice.

Their servings are huge and so Suanne decided to arm herself with an empty bowl and taxed each one of us. The total bill came to $20 including tax and tips after a 10% grand opening discount. Highly recommended … you must go.

Thai Son Vietnamese (Richmond) on UrbanspoonBusiness Hour

7 days a week

11:00 am to 10:00 pm

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  1. gigi

    I used to go to the one on E. Broadway fairly regularly. I think the spring rolls there are one of the best in the city!

  2. fresh_one

    I was so happy they reopened in Richmond as I used to go to the old one quite often. If you like large portions, you should check out Pho Lan on No.3 rd and Granville, but make sure you’re very hungry if you order the large noddle soups.

  3. LotusRapper

    I didn’t even know Thai Son has other locations aside from the E. Broadway one (which I frequent). I agree, they ARE one of the best Vietnamese restos in town at least amongst all the ones I’ve been to. Their pho stock just tastes better and their cuts of beef and bits bigger and more tender than other Viet places.

    The only downside to the Broadway store is it is popular and waits for tables is common.

  4. cissy

    i usually go to the one on 1st Ave., aside from pho, their pork chop rice is good too and

    There’s a Japanese restaurant across Thai Son on Broadway, Yamasushi , really good sushi, been there?Reasonable price.

  5. LotusRapper

    Hi Cissy 🙂

    Yamasushi …. I’ve seen it every time I pass by, I think they’ve been there for quite many years. I seem to recall some signage about good tofu or something, or is that from another Korean restaurant next to it ?

    But I’ll definitely remember to go next time, as that area really has no Japanese restaurant to speak of (I don’t consider Kishu on Main @ Broadway real sushi anyway ….)

    The only other places I go eat in that neighbourhood are:

    Congee Noodle House
    Ho Tak Kee
    Kam’s Bakery/Cafe
    The Nice Cafe
    The Whip Gallery
    Habit Lounge

    Thanks !

  6. Marike

    I love Thai Son! I used to go to the one on North Road a lot and was so sad when they closed it down! My favourite dishes are the shredded pork rolls and the lemongrass chicken with broken rice! Their pho comes in delicious broth too.

  7. Brenson

    Thai son now in richmond is not good any more, i used to come to broadway location, but since i moved to richmond, i came to the richmond one. the soup got so many msg, the noodle is stick together, i guess they are not using the fresh noodle, they use the dry one. the rice is so dry, portion is bigger than broadway, no doubt, but food terrible, if you want big portion, come here. looking for good taste, not any more at thai son.

    IMPORTANT !!! IMPORTANT..IMPORTANT ….make sure you have someone go together with you if you want to have dinner at night time, they are upstair, so you need to walk up from the stair very DARK, and very dangerous feeling, it is hard to say what’s happen at night time here.
    i only come there if i have friend invite, otherwise, i am scare. and hope they have the security at the stair at night time. i saw the kid is crying and keep saying, i am very scare mom….oh my god
    hope their food will improve too

  8. Brenson

    Food Ok, But The Location Is Very Dangerous, So Dark At Night Time

    we used to go to Thai son on no3 road , since they closed down, we didn’t eat at thai son that much. Until 3 months ago, we went to thaison in richmond location, we found they got the bigger portion, price is ok,
    the quality of the food is worse than before, they soup is herb taste. the rice is dry and feel like uncooked.
    service is nice. but i can not accept their food any more.
    today we went back since a friend invite us to have dinner, when we walk down the stair, we saw 2 guys robbed the lady’s wallet at the private stair of thai son, the lady and the kids were crying , we are so scare and would like to help.

    for the return customers’s safety, i think they need to have more police in this area. I don’t think i want to come back, sorry don’t want to get a risk for my life

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