Michigan Noodle Shop in Richmond

Updated: 2nd Jan 2015; This restaurant is closed.

I can almost swear that this place is new. Well, not new-new but new as in about 4 months new. We had been eating around Alexandra Rd every other weekend but it never quite notice it until recently. You know, with a name like Michigan, we can almost guess this is another HK Style Cafe. Suanne and I still have not figured out why so many HK Style Cafes are named after American Cities.


The Michigan Noodle Shop is located at the eastern end of Alexandra Road. It is actually on the same strip mall as Zen Chinese Cuisine and across the road from Coco Chili. You won’t miss, not with that bright yellow signboard in an otherwise drab looking strip mall. Parking might looked to be very limited but just so that you know, you could actually drive up the ramp and park upstairs.


We really thought that this place is one of the more expensive restaurant especially with their decor and expensive cars parked outside. It turned out that it’s a very traditional Chinese restaurant and nothing like any of the HK Style Cafes.


We like this place and the ambiance. It does seem upscale with the customers mostly very well dressed. The waitresses too were garbed in traditional Chinese costume. The tables and seats were quite plush.

Service was great — confident and cheerful. When Suanne and I placed our orders, the waitress explained to us that we are ordering the same type of noodle dishes and recommended something different.


Like most Cantonese tables, there are the ubiquitous chili oil.


Their House Special Rice Noodle is just like Malaysian Style Rice Noodle — not exactly like Penang Fried Kuey Teow but that’s the closest I would describe it. It had lots of nice big juicy prawns. I am quite impressed with this because in most places, there are lots of bean sprouts and very little ingredients. Now for $7.80, I think this is quite cheap.


The other dish we ordered was the Seafood Braised E-fu Noodle in Pot. This one has scallops, prawns, dish and squids and costs $11.80. Hmmm … this is quite bland and tasteless. Also, the E-Fu noodles absorbed the soup very quickly and made the dish quite soggy.

The total bill came up to $23 including tips and tax for the two of us.

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  1. i love noodles

    the house specialty is wonton (egg) noodles, which are superb! you might also like the lo-mein with spicy pork sauce (killer hot) or the braised beef & tendon lo-mein.

  2. Soo Wei

    The dinner set meals are great value. You get a big pot of tasty soup, large portions and dessert too!

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