Seattle: Breakfast at Comfort Inn and Suites

We stayed in the Comfort Inn and Suites along Aurora Ave N. It is just about 10 minutes drive to downtown Seattle. We have been staying around that area each time we go to Seattle because of the proximity to Seattle and more importantly, the room rates are not sky high.

The rooms were very comfortable and clean. We actually have a great room. We, and Suanne in particular, just can’t stand second hand smoke. That’s why the first thing we do when we open the room door is to have a whiff of the air. This one is good. It seems like the hotel had just recently refurbished.


For the first day, we decided to try the free breakfast in the hotel. We like this one because they have a decent breakfast area with proper tables and chairs. Some of the hotels I had been to forces you to carry the breakfast to your room to eat.


The coffee and the orange juice sucks — it just tastes awful. There are hard boiled eggs which we enjoy. Oh BTW, I remember my mum forbade me to take “day-old hard boiled eggs” when I was young. For those of you who know … you tell us the reason behind this. LOL!


About the only other thing I find edible is the waffle … we make it fresh. Nanzaro is an expert in this and I can see he was itching to teach everyone who is not sure how to use the waffle maker. The bagel was dry and hard. I don’t know how Suanne likes it so much.


After this one breakfast, we decided to eat out for breakfast even if it means McDonalds.

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  1. 🙂 true.. My dad and brother were both not allowed to eat a day old eggtarts or leftovers with eggs.. I think I know the reason behind it, but not sure if I should believe it!

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