Seattle: The Confectional in Pike Place Market

You never believe how hilly Seattle is sometimes. I’ll always be reminded that it’s a long way up from the Waterfront to The Pike Place Market in our previous trips. That was when we did not realize that there were actually lifts that we could use.


No trip is complete without making a trip to the world famous Pike Place Market. Pike Place Market was originally a farmers market but had over the century (oh yeah, it’s over 100 years old) turned into a potpourri of unique shops and restaurants. Perhaps the most famous of all these shops was the fish market. That is where they throw big fishes across to the counter but nothing happened on the day we visited.

Anyway, having been here so many times already, we skipped most of the public market. What we wanted to really do is to check out the food outlets.


We came across this place called The Confectional. Nice name I thought. We would not have given it a second glance if not for their tagline “Confess Your Love for Cheesecake”. Oh, when you see the word cheesecake, Suanne gets all excited. That woman can live on cheesecake alone, I tell you.


The choices were bewildering. All of them looked so pretty. Suanne had a great time just reading the names and checking each one out at a time. There must be at least two dozen separate flavours. I know she would want one of each!


Unable to decide, Suanne finally settled on their best sellers …


I don’t know which is which. Anyway, we bought them to go and eat it in the hotel. After all, we just had a full meal.


Personally, I don’t even know which one to start with. I just took a bite or two and left the rest to Suanne and the boys. They are pretty good and kind of unique for a cheesecake. I must say they are not cheap though … it’s about $3.50 for each of the cupcake sized cheesecake.

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  1. Jennifer

    I definitely need to go down there and try some of those cheesecakes. They look so cute and pretty! I could probably eat one of those a night for the rest of my life. If only calories didn’t matter in this life! 😀

    Which part of the Pike Place is it by? I’ve never seen it before.

  2. chowtimes

    Hi Jennifer: The Confectional is not exactly in the public market. It’s on 1530 Pike Place, just across the street from the market … and on the row where the first Starbucks is.

  3. cutemommy98

    yummy!yummy! those cheesecakes look delicious. pls send some to me ;-0

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