Seattle: Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que

We had a dinch at Famous Dave’s. Dinch is the meal in between Dinner and Lunch. Sometime, one can refer to this meal as Dunch or even Lunchner.

Lee Ping of Hip Food recommended Famous Dave’s to us. At that point of our trip, we were craving for meat, real meat. We had planned to go to one BBQ place. It was either going to be Famous Dave’s or Dixie’s BBQ. Since we were south of Seattle and Dixie’s is in Bellevue, we opted to go to the nearer place. It was a great choice.


Famous Dave’s is a chain restaurant specializing in Southern Style BBQ. The exterior and interior is all western with stone and pine wood panelings. It has a very bright and upbeat atmosphere. Since it was Dinch time, there were no one there but us. The restaurant we were in were quite big with, oh, something like 30-40 tables or so.


On every table is Famous Dave’s very own sauces. We tried everyone of them. The hottest of them all is the Devil’s Spit … which they warned are for adults only. It’s funny the way they describe this … “A generous slathering will make girls prettier and boys stronger, taller and more handsome-or vice versa.”

I like it too the fact they have a roll of paper towels on the table. Real BBQ is meant to be eaten by hands and is supposed to be messy.


We love the atmosphere and the service was great. We ordered some drinks. It happened many time before … Nanzaro ordered a glass of coke and they gave it to him in a kiddie cup. Nanzaro was quite offended and asked that he be served in a real glass!


We did not order much. We had their Half Slab Platter 6-Bones Platter. The ribs were large but wished it could be a bit more meatier. The ribs that Suanne makes have more meat in it and so I always compare ribs with hers. This one costs $17. It was quite alright.


We also ordered the BBQ Shrimp Platter. It was alright. The shrimps are not terribly big, wished they were a tad bigger. Also, they were a bit too salty for our liking. Otherwise it was alright. $15.45 … price-wise seems OK.


The best of the Dinch is really their ultra-rich Famous Dave Bread Pudding. Not only does it look good, it tastes great. It has a melt-in-your-mouth bread pudding, smothered in praline sauce and served with vanilla ice-cream. I had placed a special request to Suanne to search out the recipe and try make this at home. She gave me a dirty look. After two months, there is still no sign of bread pudding at home. I guess I got to be patient … a lot more patient.

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  1. ryeo

    Should have went to Dixies BBQ!!! Way better!!! None of this BBQ chain stuff….

  2. LotusRapper

    US$17 seems a bit steep for the half-slab’s six ribs, Ben.

    At Memphis Blues chain here in town, a full slab of ribs with quite generous amount of fixins’ (corn bread, BBQ pit beans, cole slaw and potato salad or fries) is Cdn$22 but there’s enough meat for almost two people.

  3. Lee Ping

    Have to try Dixies BBQ the next time we go to Seattle.

    I love bread pudding as well, especially the ones with a touch liquor.

  4. Jessica

    Maybe you should try baking the bread pudding Ben!

  5. Ben

    Hi Jessica: What?!? Me?!? Cook?!? I can’t stand the heat in the kitchen. 🙂 BTW, great series on your trip to Vegas.

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