Seattle: Breakfast at Shari’s

Day Four. Today is the last full day we have in Seattle. Sightseeing wise, we only have a couple more places to cover but as far as food is concerned, we still have a long list we wanted to check out.


We started the day with breakfast in Shari’s. For some reason, we had always enjoyed Shari’s when we are in the Washington State. Given a choice of Shari’s, IHOP and Denny’s, we prefer Shari’s. We like the way the restaurant is laid out — it is always housed in a hexagonal building which maximizes use of windows. Breakfasts are to be eaten in bright places — that’s the only way to start the day … bright, sunny and cheery.

We like their menu too. Lots of tantalizingly delicious pictures. We always had a hard time deciding what to order. We wanted everything!


We like their coffee too. I am not sure the background of the Arosta coffee but they are pretty good. I like the consistency of the quality … i.e. they always taste great, always. Some places, we find that the coffee is iffy, sometimes they are great, sometimes not.


Normally, we would order three items to share between the four of us. The first item we had was the Flat Iron Steak and Stuffed Hashbrown Platter. It has a tender 6oz flat iron steak cooked medium rare, and THREE eggs and Sharis’s exclusive stuffed hashbrown. $10.


The steak was great. I wished it’s a bit more juicier but it was alright. Steak for breakfast, I like that.


Suanne’s choice was the Cinnama-sation Platter. This plate is even larger. It has two slices of Cinnama-sation which is basically their ultimate version of French Toast. You should try this Cinnama-sation, they are devilishly good, especially when you drown it in more syrup. Other items here are THREE eggs, homestyle potatoes, two strips of bacon, two sausage links and ham. Just $9. Pretty good looking, huh?

I love eggs. And practically no one else really care for eggs in the family. Suanne shuns eggs, especially if it’s not scrambled. Arkensen and Nanzaro too does not care for eggs. So, it is down to me to finish the eggs most of the time. I did 4-5 eggs that morning. I need to check my blood pressure the next week or two!


Nanzaro insisted that he has his own order that day. Strangely, after the episode of the coke in the kiddie cup in Famous Dave the day before, he ordered his from the kiddie section of the menu. He has the “Eggs”ceptional Cheese Omelette. It’s a steal at just $3.70.


So, the total bill came up to $31. Not bad, huh? It sure was much, much better than the $55 bucks tab we got for the breakfast from Portage Bay Cafe (yeah, we could not get over how expensive it was).

We heart Shari’s.

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  1. col

    I’m not sure you can compare Shari’s to a place like Portage Bay…unless you’re purely looking at price.

  2. Jessica

    I’ve wanted to go there since I was a little girl. I think it’s because my favorite auntie is named Shari! Parent’s never took me though and I’m not crossing the border after my interrogation. So thanks for the virtual trip!

  3. Ben

    Hi Styledish: Nope, we had never tried their pies. We wanted to but everytime when we ate in Shari’s we ended eating so much we could not even dare to think about the pies!

  4. StyleDish

    have you tried the pies? they are huge and yummy, and you can bring a whole one home with you

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