Seattle: The Pacific Science Center

The last place we went to this trip was the Pacific Science Center. Entrance to the Science Center is covered by the CityPass we had. We almost had difficulty getting in because the guy who manned the entrance were quite insistent that we produce our media credentials. This is because the CityPasses that we had been issued were “media passes”. It took him a few phone calls to get clearance for us to get through.


The Pacific Science Center is located in the area of Seattle called the Seattle Center. The Seattle Center is a park, fairground, arts and entertainment center all rolled into one. This is actually the site of the 1962 World’s Fair and when they constructed the Space Needle as the centerpiece structure of the fair.

We had been up the Space Needle before and did not go up again this time.


The entire Pacific Science Center is located in several buildings, each focusing on a particular areas in science. It is designed more for young children.

There are actually TWO IMAX theatres here. Our CityPass admission includes an IMAX movie. Because of time constraint, we opted for the one which is the most convenient timing-wise. We caught a show called “Mummies, Secrets of the Pharoahs”. I enjoyed the IMAX a lot … the chairs were so comfortable and the air conditioning so cooling. Good thing Suanne nudged me everytime I started to snore. No, the show was not boring … it’s just that I was tired.


I don’t know the story behind the structures in the center of the Pacific Science Center. I am sure that there’s a name. It’s like an open air cathedral of sorts.


The boys enjoyed the outdoor fountain the most.


The exhibits were quite extensive. Arkensen took pride in being able to explain to mum some of the exhibits. As much as we wanted to spend more time there, it was closing time (they close at 5PM).


After the Science Center, we took a short walk around the Seattle Center. It’s still spring and cold. The International Fountain is closed apparently. During summer, they turn on the fountain and water spouts from all over the globe. It’s a great place to bring the kids on a hot day.


The other main attraction in the Seattle Center is the Experience Music Project. We had been in there before and decided to give this place a miss.

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