Getting Ready for My First Half Marathon

Alrighty … this blog posting today is not about food but about something that is sort of consuming my life.

I must admit … for some reason, I am just so obsessed with running for the past few months. Some of you know that earlier this year, I had started a blog ( which I had hoped to chronicle my personal attempt to do the Marathon. Well, I stopped maintaining that site because I simply had no time to maintain it. But … I did not stop running. No siree.

However, my goals had changed. I had since realized that aiming for the Marathon will take significantly longer time that I had anticipated. I also realized how far a 42km Marathon really is … not to mention, how painful it could be!

Since then I had first completed the 8km Harry Rosen Spring Run Off and also the 10K Vancouver Sun Run. Coming up next will be the Scotia Bank Half Marathon in two weeks time. I am all excited over it and had been thinking of it all day long despite having to deal with some major crisis at work too.

Last weekend, I ran the longest I had ever ran before in my life. I did the 17km circuit around the Richmond Dykes … starting from near where the new 2010 Olympics Skating Oval is right up to No 3 Rd and Steveston.


The above is the route I took. I downloaded the route from my GPS watch to Google Earth.

The 17K run was the longest before the actual Half Marathon (21km). I must say up front that I had never consider myself a natural athlete, not at all. The 17K run was described in one word … painful. The last 1.5 km was pure torture. I was so tempted to just walk the last 10% of the distance. Once I stopped at the 17km mark, I could hardly walk and practically spent the whole day in bed recovering from the pain.

Since I last blogged on, I had since gotten myself custom othortics which helped a lot. The pain in the knee is now history but am still dealing with the painful plantar fasciitis problem. I am still able to manage it thru stretching and Tylenol.


My time was terrible by many counts. Many runners would laugh at my 2 hrs 15 minutes time over that distance but I did it without stopping at all. I had targeted to complete this in 2hr 15min but exceed it by 45 seconds. I think I am on track for the Half Marathon in 2hr 45min.

Oh, I really liked the Garmin Forerunner 305 I bought a few months back. I got this GPS watch from eBay which is much cheaper than getting it from the local Canadian stores. It’s awesome and does almost everything you would ever want for training. Without this watch, all my distances were just guestimates.

My primary goal is to complete the Half Marathon within 3 hrs, i.e. before they shut down the course and order the slow pokes to get on the sidewalks! My secondary goal is to complete it in 2hr 45min. I’ll share with you how I did.

Back to blogging about food tomorrow.