Sweet William’s Dessert in City Square’s Food Court

It’s high sugar Tuesday again. Polly and I met up to satisfy our sweet craving. This time we went to Sweet William’s Dessert which is located in the Food Court of City Square. City Square is located at 555 12th Avenue, Vancouver between Ash St and Cambie St.


We were not aware that Sweet William’s Dessert is inside a food court until we were at the location. Anyway, City Square looks like a high end mall with some offices too. It is not a very big mall.

Polly and I ordered 3 items to share. We ordered two slices of cheesecakes and a slice of Pavlova cake. Sweet William’s Dessert also specializes in chocolate cake which we are sold whole. Too bad they don’t sell them in slice, otherwise, I would like to try it.


This slice of Cafe Au Leit Cheesecake costs $2.50. It is a small slice but for that price, it is reasonable. It is lightly chocolaty and not too sweet. We like it.


The next one is a Frozen Berry Cheesecake which also costs $2.50. This slice is more sweet.


The Pavlova Cake is Sweet William’s Dessert’s specialty. This individual slice costs $3.33. The Pavlova cake is a meringue dessert which is crispy on the outside and light and fluffy inside. The meringue is made by beating egg whites to a very stiff consistency before folding in the castor sugar, white vinegar, cornstarch and vanilla and bake in low heat. Pavlova is traditionally decorated with whipped cream and fresh fruit like like strawberry, kiwi fruit and peach.


I did a wikipedia search and found out that the name Pavlova is named after a Russian ballet dancer, ‘Anna Pavlova’. Pavlova is very popular and part of the national cuisine of Australia and New Zealand in honour of ‘Anna Pavlova’.

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  1. Kevin

    The cheesecake in the 3rd picture came from Costco lol. I know because I’m eating it right now.

    1. Jay

      Both the Cafe Au Lait and the Frozen Berry Cheesecake are from Costco. They come in a box, that my mom frequently buys for our family. I can’t believe a dessert restaurant would just buy it from Costco to resell!

  2. jan

    i live near los angeles california and i cant find sweet williams lemon tea cookies ANY WHERE ?? How come ?

  3. jan

    where do they sell sweet williams lemon cookies in california????

    1. J

      Costco has the lemon cookies that you’re looking for–they are at the Christmas cookies/chocolate/gift isle.
      Get them before they are gone!!

  4. Maryanna Carlsen

    I live in Tsawwassen, B.C. and I would love to buy a Pavlova cake closer to home. Anyone knows a bakery that sells it.

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