Kisha Poppo Japanese Restaurant in Richmond

The secondary school ended the school year in the middle of June except for those who need to sit for provincial exam. Instead of going out for cake meet with Polly, we brought along our eldest sons (Arkensen and Webbie) who are in their early secondary grades for an all you can eat sushi lunch at Kisha Poppo Japanese Restaurant. They cant get enough of sushi.


Kisha Poppo has two locations in the Lower Mainland, one in Vancouver and the other in Richmond. We went to the one in Ironwood Plaza, 1060-11660 Steveston Hwy, Richmond. Although I had checked out the reviews for this restaurant which turned out to be not very good, we just wanted to give it a try. Anyway, most of the all you can eat sushi place have bad reviews.


We were there at 11:30 am where it just opened for lunch. The place actually fills up quite quickly as there were quite a lot of office workers who dine here, perhaps due to the proximity to their offices.


We opted for the All You Can Eat Lunch as the boys can eat a lot. The AYCE lunch is $10.95 for adult on weekday where the menu has 33 items to choose from.

We find that the service is very poor. First of all the service is slow. We have to wait for our food and there were times that our table is empty. We also dont like the way the order is taken. They did not supply an ordering sheet for us to write down our order. Instead, the waitress will take the order verbally and she rushed us through the order process and she seemed impatient when we stop to look at the menu. Overall the food is decent for an AYCE.


The only item the boys like is the salmon sushi. They had 23 pieces of salmon sushi all together.

Click on the link below for more photos of food.

IMG_6469They serve the green in cups and did not leave of pot for us to refill. They did come by refill occasionally but we did have to ask them for refill when our cups are empty.
IMG_6473The California roll and BC roll is quite small in size.
IMG_6474Here is the Miso soup and cold spinach in sesame paste.
IMG_6475The chicken teriyaki is quite tender but the beef teriyaki is a bit tough.
IMG_6477The Seafood Motoyaki are quite charred. Webbie does not like the taste.
IMG_6478The deep fried chicken wings are really small. They looked dry but they are quite moist inside.
IMG_6479This is the Agetashi Tofu.
IMG_6483The Salmon and Tuna Maki rolls also came in very small size.
IMG_6484The Gyoza is quite ok.
IMG_6485This is the deep fried salmon. At first, I thought they were the tofu.
IMG_6486They only serve Tuna Sashimi and limited to 3 pieces per person. They came in very small pieces and mushy in texture.
IMG_6489The Vegetable Tempura also came in thin slices.
IMG_6490Polly and I shared a Green Salad and a vermicelli salad to clear our palate.
IMG_6482The spicy tuna cone is quite ok.
IMG_6491The last saving grace is their dessert which is a scope of vanilla ice-cream. The boys had 2 to 3 servings of ice-cream.

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  1. LotusRapper

    Sorry to hear your experience was less than stellar.

    I gotta say I can only think of one AYCE sushi place where service and food is fairly decent, and that is E-Bei at W.41st/Granville. However the ambience (tight space, loud) and overall cleanliness leaves one wanting.

  2. Ron C.

    BC Sushi on Broadway just west of Arbutus has fast service – the waitress has a handheld touchpad and enters the order from the table. The premade items are practically at the table before she leaves.

  3. Helen Liu

    I have learnt a lot from this blog. Not only cooking but also English even though I have not finished reading all of them.
    I am so glad to know a neighourhood who is doing what I am interested in.

  4. Punga

    Ben and Suanne, I just thought I’d drop by and say that I’ve been reading this blog for a year now and absolutely love your recipes and travelling adventures. Keep it up! I’ve been inspired by all the bloggers out here to start my own blog, based in Vancouver. Please check it out and let me know how you like it –


  5. KimHo

    Hi Suanne,

    I have been there a couple of times for work lunches and, unfortunately, I wished the previous visit would have been the last.
    Out of all the AYCE sushi places in Richmond, I think the best (so far) is Ninkazu/Tomokazu which you have already visited.

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