Any Tips for Vacation to Washington DC and Philadelphia?

Hi All … our summer vacation this year will be a road trip from Washington DC, through Philadelphia and New York. We are even thinking of making a short detour through the Amish community of Lancaster County. This time it’ll just be Suanne and I because the boys will be in their summer camp.

We’re looking forward so much to this trip because it had been over a decade since Suanne and I had a vacation just the two of us.


We get very good tips from you readers. Before the Seattle and New York trip earlier, there were tons of great tips and recommendations. So, we’re seeking your recommendations again.

Here is our general plan … two weeks, fly to Washington DC spend 4-5 days, drive to Lancaster County spend 1 day, drive to Philadelphia stay for 3-4 days and finally to New York, New York and spend a couple of days.


We got quite a number of books and even a Pilot Guides documentary from the Richmond Public Library. We had been spending time doing research. So for now here are our shortlisted things to see, do and of course, EAT!


We had planned to visit the Reading Terminal Market and the Italian Market. Oh of course we will go to BOTH Geno’s and Pat’s for Philly Cheesesteaks for sure. We would like to check out one of the taverns but not sure which would be good. We are still debating whether to go to Marimoto’s (kind of expensive). We had a list of Philadelphia area food we want to try … soft pretzels, philly cheesesteak, haogia, water ice, scrapple, yeungling beer, German butter cake, tomato pie and pork roll. That about all we have short listed so far.

Washington DC

This will be an educational tour for us. We’ll be hitting as many museums and monuments as possible. Foodwise, the only thing we had shortlisted is Ben’s Chilly Bowl. I am sure there are more unique eateries so am looking at you to suggest.

Lancaster County

This will be a short trip to experience close up the Amish way of life. I heard that we’re not supposed to take pictures of the Amish people … is that right? Our focus here will be their unique food … Amish Friendship Bread, Pickled Beet Eggs, Schnitz un knepp, Apple Butter, Hog Maw, Birch Beer, Root Beer, Chicken and Waffle, Shoofly pie, Whoopie Pie, Funnel Cake, Fasnachts (donuts), Apple Dumplings! Any tips on this short trip to Lancaster County appreciated.

New York City

I am quite familiar now with New York. Suanne wanted to see New York and since we’re just in the neighborhood, we’ll pop by for 2 days. Highlight of the trip will be New York Cheesecake and the Statue of Liberty.

So … fire away. Let us know any restaurants we absolutely must check out.