Agape Coffee in Richmond

There is a new coffee place in Richmond. I decided to check it out with Polly for our probably last cake meet before the school closes for summer break. This could be our last cake meet on Tuesdays as Polly had resigned from her present job. When she looks for another job after summer, she may not get a day off during the week day and there goes our cake meet. But I wish her well in her new job seeking.


Agape Coffee is located inside President Plaza, next to T&T.


All the furnishings and equipments in Agape Coffee look brand new. We were expecting to see more desserts and cheesecakes as advertised in the Richmond Review but was quite disappointed. They only have two types of biscotti and a pastry type cookie at the moment.


The decoration is simple and rustic with brick wall and wooden tables and chairs. We had the most comfortable seats which is two sofas by the glass wall overlooking the street.


I ordered a medium Macchiato Coffee for $3.70. I learned from the server that Macchiato is like Cappuccino with more milk and foam. They do have good coffee.


Polly ordered a small Almond Latte for $3.30.


We only ordered a Prosciutto Panini to share since there is not much to choose from. The panini costs $5.99. Other than the strong herb flavour from the bun, there is nothing much to shout about the panini.

We were the only dine in customers when we were there from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. There were a few customers who ordered to go. It’s always a challenge to start a business and it takes time for the business to establish in new location. I wish them luck and hope they will serve more desserts to go with their coffee.

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  1. Art

    Actually, a real macchiato is an espresso with a little foam or milk on top. Thanks to Starbucks for changing the coffee lingo with their caramel macchiato, a macchiato in North America is similar to what you described.

  2. Anjeline

    thanks for the info about Agape coffe

  3. kerrystarchuk

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  4. Purdy

    Hey guys. I love going through all your reviews for your cake meets. It gives me great insight on where to go for my sweet craving which is quite often and will surely help when it comes to me and my friends outings.

    I’m going through your past reviews and see you’ve yet to try the Breka Bakery on Fraser and 49th Ave. Its a 24 HOUR bakery. I’ve only been there twice so far and have deemed it worthy enough for many returns. I recommand the Triple Chocolate Tiger Cake, the Brownie, and the Koufles(unsure of the spelling). Koufles are their tiny pastry rolls filled with hazelnut and cream cheese topped with cinnamon. I’d love to read what you think of their selection.

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