Gourmantra Indian Meal Kit

I bought this Gourmantra Indian meal kit from Costco for $9.89. Ben and my kids love Indian food. The gravy goes well with steamed rice. Ben likes it more spicy though while Arkensen prefers a milder curry. How can I add more heat to the curry other than adding chili flakes to it as I usually do? Will adding green chilies like those on the box makes the dish more spicy hot?


It consists of 3 individual meal kit, 2 butter chicken and 1 chicken korma. In Save On Foods, each individual meal kit costs $4.99.


All you need is one of the Gourmantra Indian meal kit, some butter, 500g of boneless chicken breast or thigh (I prefer the dark meat) and 200ml of half and half or yogurt, depend on which kit you are using.


The Gourmantra meal kit comes with basmati rice, garlic and ginger puree, tomato puree and some spices blend.. All you need to do is to cook the rice as per the instruction on the box. As for the chicken dish, the general procedure is:

  • melt the butter,
  • saute the ginger and garlic puree until fragrant,
  • add the chicken and cook for few minutes until no longer pink,
  • add the tomato puree and some water and cook for few more minutes,
  • stir in the spice blend and cream and simmer on low heat for another few minutes,
  • and lastly, remove from heat to stand for few minutes for the gravy to thicken.


Here you are, a scrumptious Indian meal for your family. I usually serve it with some Chinese green stir-fry.

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  1. KimHo

    Hi Suanne,

    In my experience, it will depend on the curry. For example, I would add sugar to rendang to make it milder (OK, rendang is not technically a curry but it is quite close). However, for Indian curry, the only ingredient I can think of would be adding yoghurt (or a liquid equivalent like cream). The idea is to spread” or “thin” the sauce a bit and hopefully it will end up milder.

  2. Sorina

    I like the sound and look of this. I shall mark this on my to do list.

  3. sabrina


    use “hot chili powder” (can get it at superstore in indian section} to make the curry hotter and use yoghurt (not sugar) to make it milder.

    also go to the website “Gourmantra.com” to get more indian cooking recipes.

  4. will

    So I totally spied on this at Costco the other day but didn’t end up buying. I was under the impression it was frozen TV-dinner type food. Didn’t realize that its just rice and sauce.

    Do you think its worth the price?

  5. Lorraine

    I purchased this product on sale at Price Chopper for 1.99 (for one kit). I am totally impressed. I told my colleagues about them and they went out and bought them too. We have all returned to the store to stock up on these kits while they are on sale. I would recommend this product wholeheartedly!

  6. Charles Higginson

    These meal kits are the best way to get a smooth spicy meal in virtually no time. Totally sold on Gourmantra but it’s hard to find stores carrying it.

  7. wendy

    I am currently eating the butter chicken gourmantra while i type this. It was VERY easy to make.

    Its really good but has heavy undertones of cinnamon. It might almost be too much cinnamon. It doesnt taste like any butter chicken ive had before. Also i usually think of butter chicken being one if the more mild chicken curry dishes but this one is PRETTY HOT and spicey! I like how they give you pretty well the perfect amount of rice because somehow when im left to my own devices and cooking rice, i end up making wayyyy too much. hehehe

    i am going to try the other indian dinner kits from gourmantra. I will come back to this one later for seconds and maybe i will write more hehee

  8. Bonnie

    I USED to love this brand. Bought a package for dinner, and it was missing the main spice. Contacted them and was told they’d replace it and after 3 more attempts to communicate via phone and email and being ignored, it looks like I’m not getting a replacement. It’s a small thing, but it’s also a big thing as I was lied to and basically told that I don’t matter. Quite snubbed and disappointed at the lack of professionalism and customer “care”.
    Haven’t bought it or told anyone about it since.

  9. Louis de abreu

    I bought two different types a few years back and put it away in a cupboard. I just located it and wondered if it would still be ok to use after 3 years.

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