7th Heaven in Richmond’s Aberdeen Center

Updated: 30th May 2011: This restaurant is closed according to Urbanspoon.com.

I can’t recall which one but there is a Vancouver Food blog that did a review of the 7th Heaven Cafe in Richmond not too long ago. If it was not for that blog (which gave a rather good review), I would not have know it is there.


The 7th Heaven Cafe is basically a HK-Style Cafe. It is located on the first floor of the Aberdeen Mall in Richmond. It is really tucked behind the Northern Delicacy restaurant and one would not know of its existence if not for a banner they put up.

It is definitely a much more cleaner place than most HK-Style Cafe. They apparently allow the rental of the entire place for events during certain days of the week for a minimum charge of $2000 or $3000 … something like that. Our boys like this place simply because they have free wifi here.


Food wise, their menu shows a wide variety. Their Laksa (which they spelt as Larsar on their menu) looked pretty but does not even have a kick to it. They even have sweet corns in it. It looks like Laksa but does not in any way tastes like one. This one is $7.50.


We also order the Curry Lamb. From the looks of it, we knew that it is more of a “curry cream” and devoid of spices — indeed it was. They had two huge piece of lamb though but it was so tough and dry we did not finish it all.


One thing we observed … the dishes looked pretty and nice.


We also had the Hainanese Chicken Rice. The chicken was somewhat skinny. It was nothing to shout about, really.


Ginger and chilli sauce … a must have in any Hainanese Chicken rice.


The Sauteed Clam in White Wine Sauce costs quite a lot. I can’t recall exactly but it could have something like over $20. Again, presentation wise, it was really nice but it is just OK. I would say it is not worth the price.

All in all, we were not impressed with 7th Heaven. The whole place looked great with fun decor. The waiters and waitresses are young and looked quite professional. The dishes looked great. But that is as far as it goes. Frankly, we were quite disappointed. The boys were happy though … they had wifi.

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  1. Kwan

    Thanks for this review. We were considering it after visually checking it out last time we were at Aberdeen. Reviewed Northern Delicacy yet?
    I was told there is a restaurant or store at the food court that has great roasted intestines. We searched but did not see any. Thoughts?

  2. lisa

    I went to 7th Heaven once. It’s clean and decor is kinda interesting. Decent portion and food is not expensive considering their rent must be high.

    Unfortunately, food is not good. It’s not memorable. The dishes I ordered didn’t taste bad, I didn’t have problem to finish them. But you definitely don’t look forward to repeat eating them again. Yup! It’s that unexciting. So I never feel the need to return. You know, you just move on and look for the next restaurant you have never been to try.

  3. Jessica

    Just wondering if it’s true HK style chicken is usually only half cooked? Just wondering for my trip there!

    The dishes look very pretty

  4. Ben

    Hi Kwan:
    Oh yeah … we reviewed Northern Delicacy on this link http://chowtimes.com/2007/05/31/northern-delicacy-in-aberdeen-centre/. Roasted intestines? I am trying to picture what you are referring to. Anyway, have you checked the wet market section on the ground floor?

    Hi Jessica:
    Bet you’re all excited for your HK trip. I don’t know what is HK Style Chicken but maybe you’re referring to Hainanese Chicken? The chicken would look half cooked to you but you should try it. I can’t wait to see what you decide to eat in HK!


  5. KimHo

    Jessica/Ben: Technically, it is white-cut chicken. The “Hainanese Chicken” portion is the rice only, but since they are so closely associated, when you say “Hainanese Chicken”, you think of both. The chicken is poached and “barely” cooked. That’s why you might see “blood” in the bones. Assuming you are near downtown, you could try Prima Taste. Last time I check, they have Hainanese Chicken.

  6. cakebrain

    I totally agree with you. We went back twice just to make sure that they weren’t having a “bad day” in the kitchen. I liked the airiness and how it’s quite clean. The menu had items that looked interesting and the service was good. However, the food definitely wasn’t that great. It was kind of blah all around. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find too many decent HK style Cafes that serve tasty food and are also clean and reasonably priced. We do like Northern Delicacy on the second floor for their little juicy buns and handmade noodles…

  7. ed.chan

    I reviewed this place last year on our blog: http://eatsnaprepeat.wordpress.com/2007/05/16/7th-heaven-cafe-hot-dishes-cool-setting/ Funny how similar our pictures of the entrance are 🙂 I guess there’s only 1 way to take a picture of that sign, hehe.

    I agree with you. The restaurant itself, its staff, and the food presentation are all nice and clean; but the food is on the bland side… and also not very cheap by HK cafe standards.

    Try their sizzling hot plates next time. That’s one thing that they do excel at 🙂 With that said, I would still rather eat in the Aberdeen Center foodcourt.

  8. Kwan


    Thanks for response. I used to, too many years ago, go to a Chinese shop in downtown Penang, where we had roasted intestines in congi (chook). Just one of the comfort food.
    Will look up your review.

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