Sunday Morning in Stanley Park

This post had been lying on my draft folder for ages. It must had been 3-4 months already. I am digging up all these old posts which I neglected to blog earlier because, well, I need to stock up on posts before we leave for our 2 week vacation next week. I want to make sure you all have something to read everyday … LOL!


It was a spring weekend when we decided to go to the Stanley Park for a morning walk. It had been ages since we were there.

Of all the urban parks in the world, Stanley Park surely must rank as one of the most beautiful in the world. All visitors to Vancouver MUST make a visit to this park and take a picture of downtown from here. I always tell visitors that their visit is not complete if they did not take a picture from here.


We woke up real early and brought along some Chinese buns to eat at the park. We bought the buns from the Osaka Supermarket the day before. For sheer variety and freshness, not many places can beat Osaka. (Osaka is located in the Yaohan Mall along No 3 Road in Richmond).


Their Pineapple Bun is really good. Known as Bo Lo Bau in Cantonese, this is one of the most popular Cantonese pastry and is available in almost any Cantonese bakery. Suanne makes it at home but had never quite achieved the same level of quality (or even look!) as those we bought from the stores. Here is the recipe for those who are interested.


The one above is good. Osaka called it Cake Roll with Dried Pork. It is a fluffy cake with cream and pork floss. It gives a very delicate balance of sweetness from the cream and a tinge of saltiness from the pork floss.

I still have not quite figured out why white people can’t stand the thought of eating pork floss. LOL! It is one of the best topping and fillings that one can use on almost anything (rice, noodles, pastry, sandwiches or even eaten by itself). One theory is that it looks like fur, while others says that the name, pork floss, is absolutely gross.

Suanne made it once at home … it was a very laborious process. Here is the recipe if you want to know how it is made. We normally buy pork floss from the stores.


Tim Horton’s coffee is our favourite. We like it over Starbucks anytime. We always had the same … “double double”. For those who are not familiar with Tim Hortons, double-double is Timmy Ho speak for two sugar and two cream.


We had a good walk around the park and covered 14 kilometers the whole morning. Enjoy the rest of the pictures we took below.




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  1. Stephanie in Vcr

    Hey! I’m white and I like pork floss! I even like the name, although I usually call it dried pork. It’s also my older daughter’s favorite onigiri flavour:-)

    There’s something about the word pork (besides the crude sexual slang)… When I was a kid there used to be alot of paranoid warnings about cooking pork until it’s well-done to avoid trichinosis… maybe that’s where it’s from? I mean, THE caucasian favorite food- bacon- isn’t called smoked slabs of fatty pork belly, right??

    I like thinking about this stuff! Really enjoying your blog:-)

  2. anna

    I love Stanely Park! My husband and I both rented bicycles to ride along the perimeter of the park- it’s very beautiful scenery, a must go for any tourist.

  3. KimHo

    Hi Stephanie,

    About trichinosis, you are correct. Or were correct. According to Alton Brown (Good Eats), that was an issue in the past not necessarily a problem nowadays in North-America. Check a transcript of that episode here:

    (Scroll down to scene 10)

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