Polly, WB and I brought our kids to the Steveston Park for a picnic. It is the time of the year where kids get to enjoy the outdoor life. Steveston Park had a new water park installed last year. This is the first time I visited this waterpark.


The water park is very popular with young kids. Of course there are also moms with very young toddlers. Nanzaro came with us to the park but he decided to spend time in the library as he is a teenager now. He hates it when people call him a kid.


Besides the water park, there is also the playground for kids to swing, climb, slide and all. Kids nowadays are very lucky to have such facilities provided free for them.


Polly also brought along some washable paints for the kids to do some painting. Well, someone forgot the brushes but hand painting seemed to be more fun.

We brought along some snacks to munch because we intended to go out for lunch later. Here are some of snacks we had.


Click on the link below for more photos of the snacks.

snacks01-200x300This is a chocolate filled mini bun.
snacks02-300x200The bun is so small that you can pop the whole thing into your mouth.
snacks11-300x200This French Pie comes in apple and strawberries filings.
snacks10-300x200It has a puff pastry like cookie which is filled with jam.
snacks09-300x200A creamy green tea soft candy coated with cocoa powder.
snacks08-300x200A cracker filled with mango cream.
snacks07-300x200The cracker is very light.

Polly and WB, thank you for sharing the snacks and a great day out.

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