We’re On Vacation

Hi All:

We are now in DC. It had been a few days already since we logged on to the internet. It sure felt like foreover! I wanted to let you all know that we will not be logging in everyday. This means that some comments left on this site might not show up for a few days (for long time commenters, your comments are approved automatically). This also means that we will not be able to respond to questions and comments left here — sorry! Moreover, we will only have a few more days of blog entries left on auto publishing and then it will stop until we get home in early August.


DC is wonderful but is really hot and humid. There are so many things to see and do here but all the walking is killing our feet. We will have a lot to share with you when we’re back home.

We have a problem … we had not been eating well!! Most the places we went to for food so far are so boring. So, help us here now, Washingtonians! Can you guys suggest places we should check out … places that are accessible via the Metro. We are staying 3 minutes from the US Capitol and this place is dead after office hours. We went to the Chinatown, Metro Center, and Dupont Circle but can’t find anything we really fancy.

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  1. Valerie

    I just happened on your blog because I was looking for hot Vancouver foodie spots. DC can be a tricky town for good food. Your best bet for a variety of decent restaurants is by getting off at the Dupont Circle metro stop on the Red Line. Going south on P street will lead you towards Pesce (hit or miss, but when you hit it’s got incredible fresh grilled seafood), Obelisk (tiny but absolutely unrivaled Italian with a sumptuous tasting menu only), Uni (good sushi). Going north on P street will take you to 17th street which has Komi (fabulous chef’s menu), Sushi Taro (inexpensive sushi destination for the Japanese diplomats in town), Hank’s Oyster Bar (can’t get enough of their delicious raw oyster selection and great crab/lobster dishes). There are a few good places including a greek spot called Mourayo (on a good night has excellent food and surprisingly good greek wines) when you go northwest on Connecticut Ave. For a one Metro-stop destination, Dupont Circle is the best.

  2. Shruthi Reddy

    Ben, Try Mie n yu, its a little upscale Middle eastern restaurant.

    Goerge street is a good place for some local food joints including an Indian restaurant..

    Good Luck and Have fun!

  3. nhbilly

    Good luck finding a eating joint worth while, but please report back.

  4. Chris

    Years ago when we were there, we stumbled upon a bunch of seafood shanty-type reataurants and markets right by the water. I can’t tell you where but maybe the hotel concierge can. It’s not fancy at all..I remember eating and sitting on the hood of our car! Good idea to bring some wetnaps or a jug of water to clean up. Lots of peel and eat shrimp, fried oyster sandwiches, fish etc.

  5. Jason

    i left some suggestions in the last post about DC. I am from DC so I know it really well.

    I wouldn’t bother with the places above, as you’ll find better seafood and sushi in Vancouver. Mie n yu is overrated as well

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