Washington DC: The US Capitol

After the quick bite at the Union Station, we decided that we should just take a walk around the area and then call it a day. After all, Suanne had not slept well on the flight.

So, we thought the best thing is to just visit the US Capitol and the surrounding area since it was just a couple of blocks away.


The US Capitol is located at the very eastern end of the National Mall. If you have a map, you will see that it is at the center of Washington DC, well, almost. The US Capitol had a direct line of sight of the White House via Pennsylvania Ave … actually almost direct line of sight had it not being blocked slightly by the Treasury building or something.


Most impressive of all, it has a direct line of sight of the entire National Mall. This line leads down to the Washington Monument and eventually end up at The Lincoln Memorial.


It was very quiet around the area which we thought was a bit odd. We would have thought that this place would be teeming with tourists and all. (more…)

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