Washington DC: McDonalds in the National Air and Space Museum

Alright, alright … here is one posting for all you foodies. It is not terribly exciting to many of you, I know … but it’s still food. Actually I must admit I like McDonald sandwiches.

There are not much food choices around the National Mall area. The only place I know where to find food is in the cafeterias in the museums.


We were quite excited to see McDonalds in the National Air and Space Museum. I was surprised how big this outside was. There is actually a McCafe at the top floor. This is the first time I had been to a McCafe. I don’t think there is a McCafe in Canada, is there?


This McDonalds has a different ordering system. You place your order and pay on a front separate queue and they let you know which counter to pick up your order. I am sure there are bigger McDonalds but this is the biggest that I had seen.


The eating area is large. What you see above is just a quarter section of the entire area. The glass enclosed area was nice and bright except that it was so hot that it was not particularly comfortable. It had been very hot and humid when we visited DC. It was over 100F that day.


I had a Cheeseburger. You know that a McDonald burger is exactly similar all over the world … down to the average number of sesame see you have on the bun! I know because when I was a teenager, I was a flutist in the band when McDonalds opened the first outlet in KL, Malaysia. The band was given a tour of the outlet and we all were given McDonald to taste. It was a big deal to me at that time! Oh … I also remember how stressed we were because we were only given 1 week notice to perform in McDonalds opening and had to play their “You’re The One” tune. It was a catchy tune. Any of you still remember that jingle?

You … you’re the one … you are the only reason … LOL!


Now, why don’t the McDonalds in Canada provide choices for dips? We only had ketchup. They have also sweet and sour sauce, BBQ and mustard.


From McCafe, Suanne had the Grilled Panini Chicken. It does not look good but was surprisingly quite tasty. They used tortilla bread to make the panini. It is a lot of food actually … definitely more filling that a McD sandwich.


Suanne also had the Latte Frappe. This one is from McCafe upstairs. Just perfect for a hot day.


Most McDonalds we find in the states had all you can drink dispensers. This one has a lot of flavours. You know how many cups we had in all … Four! No kidding. We were that thirsty because of the humidity.

There you go … our posting about food. Not terribly exciting huh?

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  1. Mistrmind

    Oh come on.
    Crappy McDonalds?!
    You had me all hopped up on seeing the sights of the Air Space Museum and you show Mickey D’s?

    I’m a wee bit disappointed.

  2. anna

    OooOOoo. McCafe! I thought these were only available outside North America. I heard there’s one in China- Shanghai I’m going to assume.

    Thanks for the food post!

  3. KimHo

    I am necessarily disappointed, after all, it is food. OK, things like Chicken McNuggets would be borderline food, but that is not the point… I recall a friend mention once that, when he is travelling, the only places he would eat are restaurant chains because, to a certain extent, he knew what he was eating (he is not too adventurous with food). I will understand if some readers will be disappointed.

    I haven’t stepped in a Mickey D’s in a while (about a year or so) but I don’t expect things have changed a lot. From what I recall, I see two differences between the McD’s in Panama, US and Canada:

    1) Panama, absolutely (except in places like TGI Friday’s); US, go ahead; Canada, not sure! Again, have not step to one in a while; although in places where the fountain is outside (Subway would be a prime example), it says they will charge you for the refills.
    2) Some items of the menu, although this is expected. I recall getting fried chicken from McD’s (breast + wings or thighs + drumstick), yet I have not seen it in the menu here. Does McD’s serve paninis in Vancouver? The last time I was in McD’s, if memory serves me right, I had one of those deli sandwiches. It was just alright, though, for the same price, I think I would have gotten a better deal at Subway.

  4. koji

    in Taiwan, McD’s had kimchi burger as a special item a few months ago. On their regular menu, you can get cream or corn soup, chicken pieces (wings/drum/etc), and also burgers in between two rice cakes, like a Mo’s burger. But i did notice that the potatoes used in TW were different, it was a different type, not russet, but it was tastier.

  5. Ron C.

    I had one of the McD’s burgers made with two rice cakes when I was in Hong Kong a couple of years ago. It was interesting.
    We were more impressed with the sweet taro pie. It was deep fried (not baked) like the olden days at the Canadian locations.

  6. Chris

    McCafe’s are rampant in Aust and pretty good. (Starbuck’s has just shut down most of their outlets there..no regrets). I know of one Mccafe in Ont but that didn’t last too long.
    If travelling in a country where the food is “iffy”(such as in China when I was there in the 80s), then McD was a welcome sight! I do like the local spin they put on the food eg honeydew shakes in HK, spicey chicken wings in Msia, burgers topped with a fried egg in Aust etc. Yes, you can request diff. dips(the ones they have for the nuggets) for the fries in Canada..they may charge a little more if u get 2 diff. varieties.

  7. eddiep

    Slim pickings. It pains me to see mcdonald’s. I hope that your dinners are more enjoyable. I did live in DC for four years in the early 90’s, but being a starving student, I can’t recommend a good place to go. However, there is an enormous variety of food from many different countries. You should go out and try it. Forget Chinese food though, it is better in Vancouver. Some of the famous local specialties include the blue crab. There are a number of places which serve this delicacy in a crabcake form or sandwich. There is a Vietnamese restaurant in Northern Virginia near the courthouse metro stop which serves these crabs just steamed and whole with some spice on it. The name escapes me.

    There are numerous places to eat around the adams morgan district, dupont circle or in Georgetown. Just give it a try! As a student we found Dupont circle more affordable and at the time could find places around $20 per person or less for dinner. Not too fancy but at least better than McD’s.

  8. Jessica

    FYI – that’s a Quarter pounder, not a cheeseburger 🙂

  9. Ben

    Hi Jessica:
    *Gasp* How did you know it’s a Quarter Pounder?!? I mean, there’s cheese in the pictures and I thought it has to be a CHEESEburger.
    Hi All: Sigh … my cover’s blown! I *heart* Mickey D. LOL!

  10. Jessica

    I knew cuz I’m lazy and end up at Mickey D’s for dinner about once a week! LOL!

  11. mistrmind

    You can also tell it is a Quarter Pounder because QP come in a cardboard container and cheese burgers are simply wrapped in wax paper.

  12. LotusRapper

    I *rarely* eat McD’s, and when I do, I often feel sick afterward from that huge shot of fat and sodium. I usually get a soft cone or an apple pie, and a med. fries if I’m indulging. But the burgers, no thanks. For same or less $, I can eat a very decent and much healthier “ethnic” meal, like a large, nourishing bowl of Vietnamese pho or noodles 🙂

    But if I have to eat burger-chain foods, it’s Wendy’s all the way. I love their chilis, baked potatoes with different toppings (broccoli and cheese even !) and okay salads.

  13. Joe

    judging by the success of the McCafe coffee line, McDonald’s must have a top notch marketing/product development team

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