Pork Liver Soup

This is a small interruption to the Washington DC travel series as Ben is away at Chicago right now. Here is a simple soup recipe which Ben enjoys which I like to share with you.


It’s Pork Liver Soup. I had a lot of this soup during my confinement as it has lots of ginger in it.


  • big knob of ginger
  • pork liver
  • Chinese cooking wine
  • ground white pepper
  • salt to taste
  • soy sauce to taste
  • sesame oil


Click on the link below for the instructions.


porkliversoup05-300x200Scrape off the skin of the ginger using a spoon. Cut a few small pieces of ginger and use the clever to smash the ginger into small fine pieces. I find it easier to mince ginger this way. I learned it from the Yan Can Cook show.
porkliversoup08-300x200Rinse the pork liver under hot running water until its no more bloody. Trim off those white membrane which is tough to chew. Slice the liver at an angle into thin slices.Marinate the pork liver with the minced ginger, some Chinese cooking wine and some white pepper while you prepare the soup.
porkliversoup02-300x200Julienne the rest of the ginger.
porkliversoup03-300x200Dry fry the ginger in a pot. Add in some cooking oil and some sesame oil when the ginger is almost dry. Fry until the ginger is lightly brown.
porkliversoup04-300x200Add in enough boiling water for the soup and let it simmer for 15 minutes.
porkliversoup06-300x200Lastly, add in the pork liver and bring the soup back to a boil. Once the soup started to boil, switch off the stove. Do not overcook the pork liver as it will become tough. The pork liver will melt in your mouth if it’s cook just right.Season the soup with salt and soy sauce.Ben likes to enjoy the pork liver by dipping with some soy sauce and sometimes he’ll add some Thai chili to go with it.


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  1. Mike

    That’s look like a nice recipe. I wanted to share a site with you on Chinese cooking. They have a great video how to, tutorials, and instructions on how to prepare great tasting Chinese food. You can get some or their free recipes to try out. If you have problems with proper cooking your food with the recipes, they have instructional videos that take you from start to finish, too. If have a spare moment to take a look at this, visit http://www.youtube.com/wokfusion, or go to them directly at http://www.wokfusion.com.

  2. chinchyesek

    Perfect recipe, unlike in Malaysia,
    pork liver is sold relativey cheaply
    compared to pork in UK, I was able to
    purchase a fair quantity heavily discounted recently at an English supermarket that local ‘gweiloh’ don’t seem particularly interested, ditto in the case of pig kidney soup,I suppose.

  3. li-ann

    thanks so much for the recipe. i just tried it for dinner and my husband and i loved it. i also often browse for other recipes here, i think they’re simple and great! do keep up the good work!!

  4. Ninja

    Grandma(MaMa) would make this pork liver ‘Water’ for the family especially during the winter months.
    I still make this at least once a month to replenish myself, it taste yummy & cheap to make!!
    Any left over Liver, would give some to the cat and the dog, and they Love it!!
    After reading the receipe above, my immediate thoughts are:

    Do we really need all the Ingredients listed above?

    chinese cooking wine
    ground white pepper
    soy sauce to taste

    I only use:
    1)big knob of ginger
    (just bash it with side of clever, I dont cut or fry the ginger first,& leave the skin on, nothing wrong with the ginger skin, as long as you wash it clean before)

    P.S same as using herbs, try not to cut it, but rip it with hand, along the same line here with the ginger…..bash it, it release the favour better in this broth…

    2)pork liver (cut into small pieces)
    3)salt to taste

    1)put giner & pork liver in a pot with water, bring to boil, then switch it off.
    2)cover & leave it, bring back to boil just before bed-time, switch the hob off again.
    3)wake up in the morning bring it back to bring again, and finally add a little salt to taste

    And its ready!

    P.S. I find boiling it three time will get more favour out of the liver and ginger, and also to conserve gas or electricity! And for some strange reson, if it is left over night, it taste better, kind of like curry!

    Dipping the liver in chilli & soy sauce would taste great and get kidz to love it.

    But as you see, I try to aviod using any oils or soy sauce at all, to keep this as healthy as possible, and I don’t mind liver being tough, as I can chew with ease, and to be honest liver dont really ger that tough!

    so have a go, and see what you think, all feedback is welcomed

  5. Armand

    great! just like dad’s recipe. he also put dried squid, peanuts and vegetables.

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