Washington DC: World War I Memorial

Alright, I hear ya. I was fearing the same thing too … I guess not many people share the same enthusiasm for history and monuments as I do. So … one more boring memorial to get out of the way and I am done. Bear with me … I’m gonna make it quick and painless for you all. LOL!


This is the most unassuming memorial of all memorials at the National Mall. Many people would not have known of this memorial. It is tucked behind a grove trees and largely obscured from sight.

It is a simple memorial … a dome supported by marble columns.


Also known as the World War I Memorial, this memorial is officially known as the District of Columbia War Memorial which is dedicated to the 26,000 Washingtonians who served in the World War I. Come to think of it, World War I is going to be 100 years old in just a few short years.

So, we were not particularly surprised that this memorial had long been forgotten and fallen into neglect. It’s sad.


A little trivia. It is obvious that during World War I, they do not call it World War I because they did not know that there will be a World War II. So, what do they call this war then? Anyone?

More trivia … contrasting World War I and World War II:

Category World War I World War II
Duration 4 years 6 years
Deaths 20 million 70 million
Countries 30 60

Guess what … after this monument, Suanne and I felt hungry and went looking for food.

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  1. KimHo

    It was called The Great War. To an extent, it is funny it was called that way as there has been so many wars in human’s history and any could have been called that way. I have the feeling it has stuck with this one in particular because it was the first time so many countries in different continents were involved and the impact of the aftermath.

  2. Pete

    I believe it was also called “The War to End All Wars”. It’s a shame it didn’t work out that way.

  3. ShenV

    Dear Ben and Suanne,

    For some years past, your tours and great cooking have made my days brighter. No matter what your readers say, please don’t stop on the memorials or whatever you intend to do, they will still be enjoyed by others who don’t have the chance to visit and for my family who was in Washington DC in May this year, your wonderful pics gave us good memories and took us to places we missed.

    Best wishes from K.L.!

  4. Paul

    It is hard to get funding for a memorial or really anything that matters in the U.S.. If they start, it will become political, then any ideads will be called racitst or insensitive. Then the ACLU will sue because NAMBLA was not represented in it or the mere metion of god. The NAACP will say it promotes “whiteness.” The Democrates will argue that it will disenfranchise Nazi-american’s, and by the time all of these suites are final, the last living vet will have been dead for 25 years, and the lawyers would have made 20 million for a memorial that costs 1 million. That is the new liberal/progressive american way of getting nothing done. What I just described applies to any project in america.

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