Washington DC: Food Court in the Union Station

By the time we were left the Arlington National Cemetery, it was already getting late. We did not want to go to unfamiliar neighborhood looking for food and decided to just head back to the hotel and pick up some food at the Union Station. Frankly, we did not care too much for food. We were just too hot and thirsty … both of us thought of only one thing — smoothies.


We did not know that there was an even bigger food court at the basement level of the Union Station. For the past three days using the Union Station, we had always thought that all the eating places were at the street level floor until I peeked down an escalator and there was it … a huge food court with quite a lot of variety of food.


Suanne and I simply need rice. If we go a few days without rice, we felt like we had not eaten at all. There were the Chinese food stall but we did not really like that … it is, as expected, American Chinese food. You know … what they call fried rice is more like soya sauce rice.

So we settled for the stall called Kelly’s Cajun Grill.


They claim is that their Bourbon Chicken is world famous. This is their signature dish. It is a large serving and consists of succulent marinated chicken.

Frankly, this looks suspiciously more Chinese than the name implies. It is just like Char Siew rice. Instead of using pork for char siew, they used chicken instead. It is a simple meal but a truly filling one.


We both got ourselves a smoothie each. You know, we rarely have smoothies normally but for the duration of our vacation, we were practically searching for smoothies everyday.

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