Lancaster: Rachel’s Cafe and Creperie

We had a side trip to Lancaster before we spend a few days in Philadelphia. We wanted to experience and see for ourselves the Amish way of life. One of recommendations from chowtimes readers for Lancaster is the Rachel’s Cafe and Creperie.


Well, we assumed and thought wrongly that this is an Amish eatery since it is in Lancaster. It is actually a small outlet which is famous for their crepes. It is a delightful little place which we enjoyed. The people here are so friendly … and so friendly that even the people on the neighboring table asked us where we were from and gave us a few tips about Lancaster.


Rachel’s is a very Frenchy place. They have French and Parisian posters on their walls. We ordered smoothies which were called the Louvre and Parisian. Each large one costs $4.25.

The Parisian is made of mango juice, strawberries, peaches and orange sherbet while the Louvre consists of cranberry juice, strawberries, blueberries, non-fat frozen yogurt, and raspberry sherbet. They were great.


Rachel’s is famous of their soft and sweet crepes which were served hot and on a metal plate.


Since we are heading to Philadelphia shortly, I ordered the Philly Cheese Crepe. The crepe is infused with scallion and have the ingredients of a Philly Cheesesteak … steak, American cheese, mushrooms and red onions.


Suanne had the Barn Stormer. It had chicken, turkey, grilled onion, peppers and cheese. It was a light meal and was meant to be a dinner.

Rachel’s Cafe and Creperie was an excellent recommendation from Ang.

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