Rose Garden Seafood Restaurant on Kingsway, Vancouver

Even though we live in Richmond for many years our weekends revolves around the Metrotown area. We used to attend the church near Metrotown. Also, we forced our boys to attend Chinese language classes during Saturdays. So, for the longest time, we had our weekend lunch outings near the area. Those were the days before chowtimes.


One of the places we frequented was the Rose Garden. We absolutely loved their delicious comfort food, huge servings and especially their low prices. Our boys were very young that we just ordered two dishes for less than $15 and that was enough to feed the whole family. Those were the days.


It must have been 4-5 years since we last stepped into this place. It looked every bit the same — even the waitress was still the same but a bit more plum. They used to know us quite well because we almost always ordered the same stuff. But this time, we were like strangers to them. The place still looked the same.


This time we noticed that the plates and cups were quite faded. It shows their age. I am not sure how long they had been in business but I guess they had been quite a fixture on this part of Kingsway.

I guess many of you know that restaurants come and go. There is a saying that of all newly opened restaurants, 80% of them will close within a year. And within the second year, another 80% of those who survived the first year will fold. It is those that manage to survive the second year who will thrive for one reason or another. The Rose Garden is one of those who I know will thrive.


They have a varied menu. If you want westernised food like chow mein, they have it. If you want something more authentic Chinese, they have it too.

We choose from their Family Combo. Their “3-item” option costs $36 which includes soup, steamed rice and dessert. If you more people, they provide free dishes too. We wanted so much to order the 4 items but with the additional 1 free dish, it would have been way too much for the four of us. Someday, I’ll round up a few foodies and tackle their 8 items.


The free soup was respectable — tasty and have enough meat and most of all, does not have much hint of MSG. We like clear soup like this.


The eggplant was quite fresh and moist with juice. It delivers an enormous amount of flavor despite the simplicity. This is something we like with rice or just by itself.


The seafood and tofu hotpot was filled to the brim. Imagine this is meant for one person but let me tell you there are more than enough for two adults. They have big fresh tasting prawns. I can have this everyday. Does anyone know how to make this? Is it just a simple matter of dumping all the ingredients into a hotpot and cook away?


The Chicken was awesome. The skin were crispy and the lean white meat had a right touch of dryness. You don’t want this too oily as the big deal is to have the white meat soak up a little the sweet soya sauce. Hmm … nice.


The free dessert is red bean soup.

Rose Garden is located on across from Safeway on Kingsway. I don’t have the address but it is on the Vancouver side just a little past west of Boundary. We like Rose Garden and I think you will like it too.

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  1. Chubbypanda

    Is that the one next to Roman Ristorante? I think the address is:
    3399 Kingsway
    Vancouver, BC, V5R 5K6

    Those are some mighty fine looking prawns. I’m pretty sure the order the ingredients go into that pot is important. The prawns are probably marinated, coated in corn starch, blanched, and tossed in just before serving.

  2. KimHo

    Actually, 3415 Kingsway. Check the first picture (The numbers above the door… No, not the phone number!).

  3. Holly

    You have a wonderful blog! I love it. Gorgeous photos. If you’re a real foodie (you seem like one), you should check out the website for tips and tricks on all things culinary.


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