Philadelphia: Betsy Ross House

The American flag is best well known as the Stars and Stripes. At times, it is also known as Old Glory. It is the best known flag in the world and is easily distinguished.


The history behind the Stars and Stripes are often attributed to a seamstress by the name of Betsy Ross. Although it had been disputed but the fact remains that Betsy Ross is the person who is best known as the person who first sewn the original stars and stripe.


We went to make a short visit to her house. It was really a small place and there does not seem to be many tourists here. Somehow I felt that this place is more commercialized than it is historical. I think it is run by a company.


The tour brought us to the various rooms during Betsy Ross’ days. Strange thing is that we do not really see much of the stars and stripes. Historical info regarding the American is scant … this place is more about Betsy Ross than the American flag.

Anyway, we did learn a few things here. The original flag has a circular arrangements of 13 stars which represented the 13 colonies at the time of independence. The stars on the flag was originally designed as a 6-pointed star because it is supposed to be easier to make. However, it soon became a 5-pointed star when Betsy demonstrated how easy it is to make a 5-pointed star with a few fold and a clip of the scissors.

Also, there are a total of 28 flag of stars and stripes designed up to today. Believe it or not, all of these designs are legal US flags and can be used interchangeably. As everyone knows that it currently stands at 50 stars but the US government has designs up to 56 stars for future use.

Trivia: Which state represented the 50th star? Which state will likely represent the 51st star in the future?


I snuck in the picture above because I did not want to create another posting just for this. This picture above is the US Mint which is located just next to the Constitution Center. We tried to go in but they said “no camera”, not just “no pictures” but “no CAMERA”! And they don’t even have lockers in the place. This is stupid because who would not have a camera to visit a place like this? So, if you want to visit the US Mint, ditch your camera, ya hear?

Philadelphia: Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the largest art museum in the US and is certainly a world class one at that. The main museum building with it’s imposing facade was built about 80 years ago. They have a few other buildings, including the Rodin Museum that collective is known as the Art Museums.


The Philadelphia Museum of Art is perhaps best known for the wide steps leading to the front entrance. This is where one of the most stirring musical score was shot on the 1970s movie Rocky. I bet if there is one image you remember from the movie is where Rocky raced to the top of the stairs in one of the more triumphant pose ever.


The Art Museum put up a statue of Rocky Balboa at the foot of the stairs. Needless to say, there were hoards of tourists coming here to take the pictures of the statue.


And of course, a lot of goofy tourists also had the obligatory picture taken at the top of the stairs in boxing poses.

Contrast Suanne’s pose with the real clip above.


The view from the Art Museum is one of the most beautiful view of any city. It looks directly down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway right into downtown.


When we were there, it was “pay what you wish” day. Normally it would have costs $14 per person. We dropped $10 for the both of us.

There were also performances inside the museum. We did not quite like it but took the opportunity to just take a seat on the steps like everyone else. There is a serious lack of seats in this huge museum.


Well, Suanne fell fast asleep. When the show was over, everyone got up and Suanne continued sleeping. Gosh I could never sleep like that. So, I did not stir her up and left her to sleep for a few more minutes. He he he … people were walking up and down the steps and was wondering what this lady is doing sleeping right in the middle of the busy steps. Suanne got mad with me for not waking her up. I admit … I am wicked but she was so cute sleeping right in the middle of the busy central stairways.

Alright … boring pictures of the art works if you click “read more” below:

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