New York: Going Home to Vancouver

I am not going to ask you guys what you thought of our series of our summer vacation. I am afraid … I am afraid some of you will say this went on and on for too long. 🙂


So we finally left New York for Vancouver after 2 fun filled weeks traveling through Washington, Philadelphia, Lancaster and Manhattan. I know Suanne enjoyed it a lot especially when it is just the two of us without the boys. In many ways, we are glad to finally heading home. Two weeks is just about right and we were beginning to start missing the boys. For me, I felt recharged and coming away having seen and done a lot of stuff I had always wanted to do … he he he … and a lot of lines checked off from my “Been There, Done That” list.


The flight back were uneventful. There were plenty of seats available and so there were no risk of us not getting on board. Tiredness set in the moment we got on the flight. It was like we were running on fumes the past few days and our body finally gave in!

BTW, the Continental breakfast was pretty good. For sure you cannot compare inflight breakfast with what you get in restaurants but for airline food, it was pretty palatable and tastes quite good too. The fruit was freshly cut, the muffin was moist and I like the Omelet particularly … served warm.


As always I had the Bloody Mary Mix. I just love this.


We were glad to finally see the familiar landmarks. You know, I always enjoyed it when the plane lands from the east. Metro Vancouver looks quite different from the air. And it is a very beautiful sight especially looking at the North Shore Mountains.

Can any of you guess what bridge it is above?


I’ve been to many airports and I really think that Vancouver has one of the most beautiful airports in North America. It is not a super busy airport and I like it that way. Every time I passes this passage above, I can imagine what a first time tourist coming to Vancouver would think — Beautiful.


OK, I hope you all find this series interesting. I know the series is looooong and teeeeedious. That is why in this mini-series of New York, I halfed your pain by posting twice a day. 🙂 I need to warn you though … I have in the plan to embark on another travel series … the next one is Chicago … the Windy City!

Anyway, here is the summary link to our summer vacation:

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  1. Sarah

    hey i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed this! in fact i’m a bit sad it’s over now! can’t wait for your next trip

  2. armchair traveller

    this travel series was great, as always! you make nyc look very bright and appealing. truly, thank you for letting us travel vicariously through your blog 🙂

  3. Jessica

    99% sure that’s the skytrain bridge because I see my dads work in the picture!

  4. Passionate Eater

    Ben, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your NY travel series! I felt like I went along with you. You really featured great highlights and took fantastic pictures. Your post was wonderful and I am so grateful for it.

  5. Callo

    What are you talking about Ben? Your travel series was a fantastic read! I can’t wait for your next one.

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