New York: H&H Bagels

Updated: 26th Dec 2014; This restaurant is closed according to

So we know that bagels from New York are the second best in the world (which BTW the best bagels are Canadians, from Montreal). Where then can you find New York bagels?


We did some research and found that the name H&H came up pretty often as the best. So, we decided to go seek out the bagels from H&H.

When we were at the American Museum of Natural History, we asked for the direction with the address to H&H at the info desk. They had no idea where the address was but when we told the lady we wanted to go to H&H, her eyes brightened up and said why didn’t we say so. Obviously she knows the place and that sort of confirms that H&H is a local fav.

See the tag line … H&H Bagels … Like no other bagels in the world.


It is all take away … no tables, no chairs. And they sell bagels and bagels only. I see some people even buy them by the dozens.


There was no where to eat so, we cross the road to the center median and ate there … right in the middle of the road! We felt kind of weird but I guess this is New York.


Lest I give you wrong info, I admit I can’t even remember what it is we bought. Anyone can help name the one above and the one below?


Was the bagels good? You bet it was! They were so nice it could be eaten just like that. Maybe, just maybe, they might have the best bagels in the world.

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  1. Art

    It looks like you got an Everything bagel and an Onion bagel.

    The best way to pick a bagel at H&H is to put your hand on the display and feel which one is the warmest. Then you will get one that just came out of the oven.

  2. RobynT

    i didn’t think h&h was anything special. next time i’ll try the warmth trick!

  3. Michelle

    that’s an everything (it has poppy seeds, onion, sesame) and an onion bagel!
    so nice. i’m going to NY next month and your summer trip posts have been helpful

  4. jess

    haha for sure an everything! they’re the best

    you should definitely submit some of your photos to their goal is to create a visual restaurant review site with a template similiar to that of tastespotting

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