Tour to Westham Island Herb Farm in Delta

Arzeena organized a field trip to the Westham Island Herb Farm in Delta for the Greenhouse Social Club which is part of the Richmond Fruit Tree program. The tour is to visit the facilities and get a tour of the farm.


This farm was established since 1916. This is a family owned farm. The farm is easily access from the main road and clients from Vancouver and Burnaby do come to the farm for vegetables.


Sharon is the third generation owner of the farm. She is our tour guide for this field trip.


Our first stop is the barn. Sharon told us that the farm started with some dairy cows but had switched to beef cattle now. Sharon’s dad is more on the commercialization of the farm while Sharon concentrate more on promoting the farm through farm tour. Majority of the tours are from school groups.


The farm also produces hays for their own cattle consumption.


After the barn tour, Sharon brought us to their Janet’s Henhouse. The Henhouse has about eight to ten or so hen and a rooster. Sharon feeds them with all sorts of produce from the farm. The eggs for mainly for own consumption.


After the tour to all the animals, Sharon brought us to a huge barn. We were astonished by the mountain of potatoes in the barn when the door was opened. These potatoes are called white potatoes. They are primarily supply to restaurants only. You can’t find these potatoes in the grocery stores. The reason is these potatoes are susceptible to light and have to be stored in a dark, cool and airy place. Once these potatoes are exposed to light, they will turn green and become toxic. These potatoes are great for mash potatoes.


We were brought to the farm as the last item of the tour. Unfortunately, at this time of the year, there is nothing much in the farm for us to see. Sharon showed us the area of the farm which is planted with strawberries, blueberries, potatoes, peas, garlic, etc in spring and summer.

The farm employs integrated pest management which uses minimum spraying and the spraying is mainly on the rim of the farm. Early detection is the best way to deal with pest.


Sharon explained to us that the soil in this area is very heavy and it’s only good for root vegetables. There are plenty are pumpkins, squashes and gourds in the market of the farm for sale. The farm also has a pumpkin patch for school tours.


I particularly like this decor for Halloween. It’s very creative and family oriented. There are lots of pumpkin carved for the Halloween all around the market area of the farm. Click on Read More to see more photos from the farm.


Ben and I would like to wish all chowtimes reader a happy Halloween and have a safe trick-or-treating night.










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