Cactus Club Cafe in Richmond

Polly has a desire for red meat this week. She felt that she is deficient of iron or protein as she was feeling tired the past week. So, we decided to go Cactus Club Cafe in Richmond instead of going for our sweet treat.


The Cactus Club Cafe in Richmond is located at 5500 No. 3 Road, next to Lansdowne Mall.


We were there when the place had just opened, just after 11:00 am. It has a very large extended covered patio which can accommodate at least 15 to 20 tables. The place was heated with overhead heaters and in fact it was too hot to sit under those heaters. Most of the customers asked the heaters to be switched off.


We were told by the waiter that there is a one dollar off on martinis on Friday. Too bad, Polly and I don’t drink alcoholic drinks. I ordered a pineapple juice and Polly ordered a fresh lemonade strawberry spritz instead. The drinks cost $2.85 and $3.75 respectively.


I ordered a Cajun Chicken Sandwich where the chicken is charbroiled with melted aged cheddar cheese. The chicken is slightly spicy. The sandwich comes with fries. This costs $12.50. The sandwich has nothing to shout about and I would think the A&W 5oz sirloin burger would be a better choice.


Polly ordered a Four Mushroom (shiitake, portabella, button & crimini) Demi Glaze 7oz Sirloin for $25. Since Polly does not like rare beef, she ordered it medium well. It is slightly on the tough side, in my opinion. The steak comes with mash potatoes and grilled asparagus.

The restaurant gets very busy nearing lunch time. Our orders took almost half an hour to arrive despite we came so early. We had planned to order their Signature Dessert trio which consists of fresh baked apple pie, chocolate lava cake and strawberry cheese cake. But we were too full after the meal to have any more room for dessert.

The total bill came to $54 with tax and tips.

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6 thoughts on “Cactus Club Cafe in Richmond

  1. I agree that cactus club used to be a lot better, but you really just have to choose the right things. Some of their food is amazing. Like the teriyaki chicken rice bowl, and the creole chicken is good too. That A&W comment I think was quite rude, Cactus Club is much better than A&W, A&W has not cooked my burgers properly more than once and their meat is greasy compared to Cactus Club’s. And for fast food, A&W is crazy expensive. Would you rather have the burger that is healthy and hearty? or the one packed with fat and calories and added sugars that you probably don’t even know were added in there.

  2. Wow, $25 for that 7oz sirloin ? Hope it was worth the price.

    My recommendation for quality, “budget” red meat fix are:

    Pied-a-Terre (Cambie St @ W.18):

    Les Faux Bourgeois (E.15 @ Fraser/Kingsway)

    I’ve been to both several times now and can vouch for their fantastic hanger steaks (as steak frites on menu). The caveat is neither place you can just walk into anymore without reservations.

  3. Hey Ben, the Bellinis at Catcus Club are not bad. I went to the one on Burrard street just last month. That’s the one where they have Rob Feenie. The food tasted no different to me… I wasn’t impressed. But my meal was free, hee hee.


  4. ^I agree with Jessica
    I went to the Cactus Club last week for lunch at Park Royal and the food and service was terrible :
    My husband ordered a bottle of white wine, and the waitress couldn’t even get the bottle open so my husband had to help her out. Kinda pathetic..

  5. It seems like Cactus Club has gone downhill from where it used to be. I went last week and was really disappointed. I got a salad and a diet coke. It came to $25 and I’ve had better salad at home.

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