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Updated: 25th Dec 2014; This restaurant is closed according to

You know, our boys used to think the world of their dad. To them there is nothing that Dad does not know. They trusted Dad’s judgment in everything.

However, of late, they are beginning to feel confident of their own opinions and that means that there are a lot of disagreement that they will stand up to. So, when I suggested that we drive all the way to north Burnaby to try one of the best Indian cuisine, they vehemently protested saying that I am exaggerating! The nerve of them!


Since I am still the king of the household, I have direct veto power and the authority to force the boys to endure the long drive. I told them it will be worth the drive and for them to trust me. “Yeah, right!” they said.

Bombay Bhel is located on 4633 Hastings in Burnaby. I had been there several times before and East Indian friends in my company swears that they are the best around Burnaby … even much better than Saffron or Samosa Garden on Kingsway. I tried Bombay and I agree … totally.


The interior of Bombay Bhel is spacious. Even though it was a good restaurant, I always wondered why it had never been full. This is especially glaring seeing Bombay Bhel is located just next door to Anton’s Pasta which had torturous queues everyday during peak meal times.

We were there on Sunday and for the whole duration of our time there, there were only two tables taken. Strange.


I still don’t know what is what when it comes to Indian Cuisine. They all looked alike … curries in pot with various kinds of meat (except beef!). I can’t make out Vindaloo from a Massala from Paneer. Whatever they are, ALL of them taste great.

So, we ended up ordering three different kinds of mains from three separate sections on the menu. The waitress did not ask how spicy we wanted it and it did not occur to us to say … so the curries come up a bit on the mildly hot side. But they were all creamy and rich and loaded with spices.

One of the main was the Spinach Curry called Palak Paneer which are mushed up spinach with tofu-like cheese with a creamy texture.


The curries came with rice. I like Indian style rice over Chinese ones. They are less glutinous and sticky and I think they also flavour this with something. They garnished it with cilantro (I think). They smell great too.


We also ordered Naan … not plain Naan but Garlic Naan. Garlic Naan are the best. Their Naans are crisp. We liked it so much that we ordered some more to mop up the curries until all of them were gone.


The best way to eat Naan is to dip it into the curry. We did not care about double or triple dipping. The boys gobbled them down a piece after another. The Vindaloo Lamb, in particular, is the best to go with the Garlic Naan. The Vindaloo Lamb is a bit more hotter that we could feel the lingering heat in the tongue even minutes after. The lamb was tough though but quite OK.


The total came up to $47 and worth every bit of the price together with the drive all the way from Richmond.


And the boys? Well, despite their initial protest, they enjoyed the meal … a lot! I asked them if I “rock” and they answered “You rock, Dad!”. Nanzaro declared this is the bestest East Indian meal and liked the Naan particularly. Arkensen grudgingly agrees as much.

It’s good to know that father knows best … still.

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  1. KimHo

    Hi Ben,

    This post was hilarious! Given the age of your kids, it is good to hear they still have some respect for you.

    As for the food, one question about the rice… Was it regular rice or basmati rice?

  2. Jessica

    Mmmm I love naan!

    It’s good that your kids still listen to you! I admit I never listened to my parents and if I didn’t want to go somewhere, I would stay home. They threatened to discipline me but never did!

  3. RobynT

    i know what paneer is! it is that tofu/cheese-type thing you mentioned. yeah i don’t really know what everything else is either though… do you think this restaurant is not as crowded as the italian one because italian food is tamer and more people will eat it? depends on the neighborhood i guess…

  4. Chris

    I’ve seen Bomabay Bhel here in Ont but haven’t ventured into one. Wonder if it’s a franchise or chain.
    If u enjoy garlic naan, try the President’s Choice version(look for it in the bakery section); 2 big pieces for $2 and yummy!

  5. Polly

    I love bombay behl- it’s my favorite indian restaurant. When I used to live in Abbotsford, I went to Richmond or Vancouver weekly for dim sum or chinese food. Talk about long drive!

    ps. I love your site, great post and pictures 🙂

  6. KimHo

    I agree with Chris! Just put them in the oven for a couple of minutes, as per instructions. Almost as good as from some local restaurants!

  7. Christina

    I love the opening of this post Ben. I have a smile on me the whole time while I read this post.

    ET and I love Indian food and it’s great news for us to learn about another good one. He and I will try it out soon. Meanwhile, we’ll see if S.H. will live up to your standards 🙂


  8. Their basmati rice is cooked with cumin seeds, usually.

    I love the boys-vs-father angle of this post, especially the last photo. 😉 Haha.

  9. Clare

    This is an excellent restaurant. Also, if there are any ex-Brits reading this foodie blog – this restaurant has the BEST onion Bhajis outside of England!! Bliss!!

    1. Ben

      Hey Claire:
      You’re a Brit, you can confirm this. I was told when I was in London that the national dish in the UK is not Fish and Chips but Chicken Tikka Masala!!

  10. chinchyesek

    Ben, in a poll conducted some years ago by TV media interests in Britain as to the nation’s top ten favourite dishes conducted not at all scientifically, I might add, the Cantonese [the Brits mistakenly call it Peking] Roast Duck was voted top, Chicken Tikka Masala came within the top 5 placings as did a Thai dish which name I forget that along with Satay came within the top 10. Brits also dearly love Thai food and visiting Thailand where they flock to in their tens of thousands each year for sun, sea, sex and sand, and of course, unfettered drinking of cheap booze.

  11. DJ SJ

    Hi Ben,

    I’ve eaten at Bombay Bhel a few times, then went to Bombay BEat after the change of ownership but didn’t like it as much. Recently, I wanted to give Bombay Beat a second chance but it seemed to be closed down. Could you verify this?

    1. Suanne

      Hi DJ SJ, Bombay Bhel is reported closed in yelp. Suanne

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