Atlanta: Courtyard by Marriott in Cumberland

Actually I am not quite reviewing the hotel I stayed in while in Atlanta. I am actually wanted to share with you this almost new technology from Microsoft that I recently discovered. So, I am doing two things in a same post.


Our company’s travel services will by default book me in the Courtyard by Marriott. The reason is simple … the Marriott is on the same building complex as our Atlanta office. It’s is just a 30 step from entrance to entrance. Nothing beats this hotel convenience wise.

The Courtyard by Marriott is a business hotel and caters a lot to people of our company. I like them because they have all my records on file and some of them even recognizes me. So, checking in and out is really fuss free and more often than not, I get a nice room with a better view. I like their breakfasts which I had blogged about here before.

Here is where I show you the room … but first I think you need to install Photosynth on your machine to view it. You can install it from

What do you think? I find it kind of neat. Photosynth is a technology acquired by Microsoft which basically takes a bunch of photos and then process them into a 3d arrangements. I took a whopping 74 pictures from all angles in the room to create this synth.

Have fun zooming in and out. Particularly zoom down to the table where the phone is. There are many really nice synths out there and you will be able to appreciate it more with some outdoor examples.

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