Mix The Bakery revisited

When Polly and I first visited Mix the Bakery in Vancouver, we said we will return to try other types of cakes. Surely, we did after a long time. The bakery is very busy, just like our previous visit. It was a rainy day and the rain did not stop people from coming for a cup of coffee and some great dessert. Lots of people came to buy their bread.


Polly and I ordered 3 items to share this time. We remembered our mistake of ordering 4 items to share the last time and it was way too much sweet treat for a day.

The first item we ordered was a Pumpkin Cheesecake as pumpkin is in season. It is quite a dense cheesecake and just the way we like cheesecake.


The second item is a Lemon Passion Fruit Cake. It is a cake layered with a lightly tangy custardy filing and top with whipped cream and lemon curd. I like this too as the sourness cuts back the feeling of fullness or ‘lau’ in Cantonese. The two slices of cake above cost $4.95 each.


The last item was ordered impromptu as we were about to pay. It looks very delicious with the chocolate topping. This is called Pienik Spice Cake. It is made with apple, nuts and spice. It tastes very much like Christmas fruit cake and it’s quite crumbly. This slice costs less than $4.

The total bill came to $17.74 with 2 medium house brew coffee.

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