Corner 23 on Cambie, Vancouver

You know, ever since we stepped into Flo Tea Room, my attention is now focused on BBTs. I have come to learned that BBT is short for Bubble Tea in foodie-speak. It is very much like AYCE and HKSC and TBN.

Come to think of it, we serious foodies must unite and make up a glossary of foodie acronyms. Tell me if you know of any foodie acronyms and I’ll compile a comprehensive list and post it.

OK, I admit. Other than AYCE, I made up HKSC and TBNH. Can anyone tell me what is HKSC and TBNH? LOL!


Bubble Tea is so Asian. I am not sure what exactly it is that makes it appealing mostly to Asians. Whites drink Starbucks and I had hardly heard of any self-respecting Gwei-lo’s liking it. Strange. I remember we once bought some to the office for our visitors from Atlanta. Those guys did not even touch a single cup although they kept asking about that little black balls in them.

Anyway, Jenny of My Secret Eden recommended to us her favourite BBT place. Corner 23 is located at the … well … corner of 23rd and Cambie. It’s easy to remember the address. Parking seems to be a problem when we went there as there are very limited and tight parking at the rear of the restaurant.


We were kind of surprised that there are so many wait staff in this place. And all of them are very young looking too … like I mean, where is the adult supervision in this place? LOL! Actually they were really helpful bunch of people and have lots of energy. I was rather impressed with them all.

Corner 23, like most BBT places, is also a youngster hangout which means it is quite noisy. We did not mind at all.


I know it is winter now in Vancouver. But wanted to try something new. We had BBTs already the last time so we opted for Slush instead. Their Slush’s costs $4.75 each. So we got ourselves a Tangerine Lemon Slush and a Lemon Yogurt Slush.

The Tangerine Lemon Slush has a citrus-ey taste as expected. However I cant taste any yogurt in the Lemon Yogurt Slush. They are fun drinks … that’s what it is to us.


Ahhhh … a chip off the old block. Nanzaro also gets brain freeze drinking slushes … just like his dad. You know, he will grow up to be exactly like me … that’s my boy! LOL.


Corner 23 has a rather extensive menu. If you are new to this place and do not know what to order, just flip over to the “Classical Taiwanese Dish” section of the menu. Pretty much everything you like about Taiwanese food is found here.

We did not even bother with this section. We already know what we wanted. We wanted exactly the same things that Jenny had when she blogged about it on her website.


If there is only one dish you are going to order, this is the ONE. Formally known as Wan Luan Pork Hock, you can just call this Pork Hock and they will know what you want. If you get this, please … please … please … keep this a secret from your doctor, OK? I never let my doctor know I dig this artery clogging good stuff.

This is unbelievably tender and fatty … simple awesome. We ordered the small one ($9) but they also have it in larger serving ($18). I can handle a $9 guilt but not the $18 one.


The sauce that came with it was very nice and just perfect with the pork hock … am not sure exactly what it is. Nanzaro said that it is sweet garlic sauce. He might be right as it tastes garlicky.


Alright. This must be what Koji was saying about the sauce when he commented on the same dish I had in Liu’s. OK … I am learning something here now. I like the sauce here better than Liu’s.


The Oyster with Egg Pancake is $6. It was as good as described by Jenny. About the sauce again … it is ketchupy and sweet. I like this but I like the Malaysian Oyster Omelete with soy sauce better.


The bill for this late night supper with Suanne and Nanzaro came to $37 in all.


That includes an extra Fried Rice to-go. Nanzaro insisted he is still hungry and wanted to get some to share with his older brother at home. At the rate they are eating, I need to get a second job to feed them.

Oh … Jenny … awesome recommendation … thanks … and don’t tell my doctor I had the pork hock … puh leeez!

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  1. Phil

    HKSC – Hong Kong style cafe? TBNH – Taiwanese beef noodle house? Am I right? LOL.

    Stumbled across blog while googling for Ellie’s…anyhow, good pics and neat commentary…I love oyster omelet but like you prefer the Malaysian/Singapore ones better but the only place I know that served them Orchid Delight in Vancouver closed down recently. Know of any other place that makes em please please let me know or blog about it!!! Oh, a Cambodian version of the oyster omelet is served at Phnom Penh in Chinatown, pretty good also.

    1. Ben

      Bingo! You are one smart cookie.

      1. Phil

        checked out Corner 23 upon your recommendation and definitely a fun place to eat…was there for lunch today and i thought their chicken nuggets was delish. The oyster omelet was so so, not something i would order again….the pork chop lunch i had was HUGE imo, i’d go back to this restaurant in a heartbeat, thanks for blogging about it!

        1. Ben

          Oooo … glad you liked it Phil. For a vain pot like me, this kind of feedback makes my day. But really, you should also check out Jenny’s blog because if you like places like Corner 23, you will certainly like many of the restaurants she blogged about.

  2. koji

    oh yeah, corner & 23rd, forgot about that place, i like it too, but my TW wife says it’s just so-so. i like their pork hock but i’d just go to a korean bbq place for a big order for cheaper.

    have you tried Dinesty yet? it’s in the Chapters plaza at 3 road and Ackroyd, across the street from the other XLB place. if you go, try the XLB, it’s really pretty good, if you like spicy, try the spicy shredded pork. i think they also have TW spicy beef noodle soup.

  3. ainwa

    My family loves BBT but you’re right, most of our friends think the bubbles swimming up the straw into your mouth are WIERD! Also, having a drink you have to chew on is somehow fundamentally not right. I like mint milk tea with bubbles.

  4. chris

    Bubble Tea is so good. I was recently moving around Alberta for work, and every time I would get back into Calgary or Edmonton, BBT was one of the first stops. I think I have turned a few of my friends onto it, even if did takes a few attempts.

    Fresh strawberry or blueberry green tea are my favorite choices, with banana milk batting a close third.

  5. Ang

    I love bubble tea! My all time favourite is avocado milk tea from Pearl Fever. Most people typically shy away from it because it just “doesn’t sound right” but it is perfect for me!

  6. wyn

    Had not heard of the acronyms HKSC and TBNH but BBT and AYCE have been on my radar for a long time. I think Corner 23 is so-so which is unfortunate because it’s my “neighbourhood” BBT place. I also keep trying to order noodles there and have been disappointed they don’t have the fat noodles – just thin egg noodles and broad rice noodles. I wish No. 1 Beef Noodle was my neighbourhood cafe!

  7. KWu

    My mom tells me that I’ve been to the restaurant in Taiwan that Corner 23 originated from, but I don’t remember. Oh well.

    I tried this place shortly after it opened. The beef noodle soup was overpowered by the flavor of anise, and I didn’t like it at all. The pork hock is a guilty fav, and I nearly finished the oyster omelette by myself…haha.

    Haven’t gone back for another visit since it’s not something close by, and the construction on Cambie recently is a big deterrent.

  8. Jenny

    I am so glad you liked it, because I certainly enjoyed it. However from the comments above, I guess the feeling isn’t all mutual.

    I simply love the osyter pancake, but have never tried the Malaysian version, I will certainly try it next time.

    Btw, love the new layout, it’s so pleasing to the eye!

  9. Shmoo

    We recently tried the Wanluan pork hock at the famous Xiong Jia on a visit to Taiwan. (Although there was a miscommunication with the cabbie, so we ended up at the one in Kenting, not the one in Wanluan proper… it’s understandable, we were on our way to Kenting at the time.) It was good, and now I finally have a baseline upon which to judge other versions.

    I personally think the pork hock at Corner 23 is fully competitive — the meat is very tender, the unhealthy bits have a nice balance of soft and chewy, and the intensity of the garlic sauce works well to balance the richness of the dish. (I am not a Wanluan pork hock expert though… 🙂 )

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