Pineapple Jerky from


Guess what came through the mail last week. A quick scan of the envelope showed that it’s a package from I was rather surprised this package actually came … and that it passed Canadian Customs.


I received an email from asking if we would like to try one of their latest product. Doug was pretty convincing that what he had is going to be awesome, in his words. Sure thing … awesome is good … so I asked him to send some over all the way from Texas.


The awesome new product he was referring to was … tada … Pineapple Jerky. Yes, PINEAPPLE Jerky. We could not wait to try them out. We had never come across fruity jerkies before … beef jerky yes … fruit jerky no.


We double check to make sure it’s not some pineapple flavored jerky … no siree. It is the real thing. 100% natural … so the packaging said. And made in Maui too. Of course now … pineapples and Hawaii are synonymous.

What I had was sample packages which came in singles. If you order from them, it comes in packs of 5-8 slices in a bag.


Nanzaro commented that it looked like a flower and nothing resembling a pineapple. It is a healthy one-of-a-kind snack. Sticky, sweet and tangy, these hand-sliced pieces of pineapple are dehydrated and drizzled with honey. It has a certain exquisite taste … very unique and makes us wished they had shipped more!

You can order the Pineapple Jerky here. Shipping is free in the US but am not sure if they will also ship free to Canada.

“Yes Virginia … there is such a thing as Gourmet Jerky”!

10 thoughts on “Pineapple Jerky from

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  2. This stuff is NOTHING like the dried pineapple you see in trail mixes (or Trader Joe’s). Totally different. Guaranteeed.

  3. They sell un-sweetended dried pineapple at Trader Joes for about $4 a bag and a bag probably has about a whole pineapple in it(~30 slices I’m guessing). It’s not as cosmetically pleasing as this stuff, but I’m sure it tastes pretty much the same (plenty sweet without the honey) and I’m guessing a bit less packaging overall (even with the non sample packs).

    • I think that you are wrong on this product being just like dehydrated Pineapple. I too was asked to review Pineapple Jerky it was great. I hate Dehydrated Pineapple this is nothing like it. The texture is like Beef Jerky it is thin and taste like candy. It not Dry has a nice moist taste to it.

      My dad likes it we are talking about a man who does not eat too much his turkey sandwich dry no mayo nothing.

      He thinks it taste like a taffy texture and loves the taste.

      I also would not mined if they shipped more.this would make a great holiday treat.

      Here is that review I did on Camping Stories.

  4. For a while, I thought you were talking about pineapple flavoured jerky.

    Are these pineapple thin and chewy?

    When i was living in Singapore, you can get from Vietnam vege crisps. They some how dehydrate veges. the bean ones are very nice.

    • Hi Ann Chin:
      The Pineapple Jerkies are chewy and sliced thinly about 2-3mm. It’s actually very good and wished they had shipped us more. We have one more last precious piece … that one belongs to Suanne and she is saving that up to savour at the perfect time. LOL!

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