Felicos on Leslie Rd in Richmond

Polly had mentioned a couple of times that she would like to try Greek food one day. So, we went to Felicos for lunch instead going for our early morning cake meet. Felicos only opens for lunch on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Fortunately, Polly’s off day is Friday.


Felicos is located at 8140 Leslie Road, Richmond, at the corner of Leslie Road and Hazelbridge Way. It has a unique store front and you will not miss it. Felicos has a large sitting capacity. The wall is painted in earthy tone and the interior is decorated with a couple of columns. It has a very Greek feel to it.


Since we were going for lunch, Polly and I had a nice walk at the northerm arm of the Fraser River, along River Road. It was a very sunny day and the water was so blue.


Felicos often offers the above deals in the local newspapers. This clipping is from Richmond Review. We opted for the Felicos platter for two. It sounds like a good deal.


To start off, Polly ordered a virgin cocktail called Cranberry Sunset for $3.25. It’s a combination of cranberry juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, lemon, lime and soda. It is very light and refreshing.


I had a Mango Lada which is made of mango and coconut milk. The Mango Lada costs $3.95. It is so rich and creamy that I only manage to finish half of the glass.


The platter for two starts off with a Greek salad made of cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese and a single olive. The salad is fresh and refreshing. The feta cheese gives it a nice balance of saltiness.


The next appetizer is pita bread with homous. The garlicky and light tangy hummus is a great spread for the crusty pita.


The last appetizer is shrimp cocktails served on a bed of ice and with a wedge of lemon and chili sauce. The shrimps are springy and the ice keeps the shrimp cold and fresh.


Next is the entree which is the platter. We were served rice and grilled vegetables on individual plates. The rice is very flavourful and we noticed that the rice grain is bigger than those Chinese normally has, i.e. the long grain rice. I wonder what kind of rice is that.


The platter contains 4 items with a brown sauce and a Satziki sauce. The first item is the Kalamari. It has a lightly crunchy coating and its chewy. This can be another appetizer.


The next item on the platter is Lamb Chops. It is perfectly done with the right amount of char on the outside and the inside is still pink near the bones, very tender.


The third item is the Chicken Souvlakia. Even though it is made from chicken breast meat, it is tender and tasty.

The last item on the platter is Stuffed Tiger prawns. The four tiger prawns are stuffed with crab meat and celery with gives it a nice crunch. The tiger prawns are buttery.

It is simply too much food for us. We had some of the Kalamari for Polly to take away for her kids after school snack.


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  1. carolyn

    i love felicos~
    the type of rice you ate is called rice pilaf

  2. sabrina

    Try “Mad Greek Restaurant” on westminstery hwy in Richmond for yummy greek food next time.

  3. bethoven

    It would be nice if food bloggers check the Vancouver Coastal Health Inspection reports and rate their reviews with food hygiene as one of the criteria.

  4. northvanbiker

    Knock it off b. If you check the Vancouver Coastal Health Website entry on Felicos you will find, as I did, that the problems from the inspection 5/28/2009 were resolved on the re inspection 6/04/2009.

    There are no outstanding problems.

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