Free Topping at Qoola

When I did a review of Qoola two months ago, I clearly remembered the Qool-Acai bowl that I enjoyed so much. I went to Qoola again yesterday to get a tasting. They have now a new and improved version of it. It used to be served soupy but is now thicker and more yogurty. I like it more this way.


OK, I know. The Qool-Acai is not exactly pretty looking but it is delicious. I can’t get enough of this.

Acai had been gaining popularity in Vancouver the past couple of months. Angie once told me that she was at Wholefood and the guy working there was telling her, “What’s up with this Acai? I’ve so many people asking for it!”. In fact, they had just stocked up because it was almost sold out during that weekend.


Even Google is showing the growing popularity of Acai in their searches. There is a little known feature called Google Insight which reports on the search trends of Google Search. Go ahead … filter it by Canada, Past 12 Months, and Food & Drink and you will find the results above. “Acai” is on #2 and #3 of rising searches.

If you had never tried Acai before, go to Qoola at 1116 Denman and try a bowl of it. Now, if you mention “Chowtimes Loves Qool-Acai“, you get a free topping of your choice. Try it with Mango. I think you will like it.

BTW, this offer is just for the month of April.

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    Hi Ben,

    I was there yesterday too! Apparently I missed you by 20 minutes… LOL…

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