Thai Kitchen on No 2 and Blundell, Richmond

This is a review of a restaurant recommended by Rachel Bee. Rachel, who we had never met, sent us an email of a few of her favourite restaurants almost 2 months ago. We appreciate these recommendations because Rachel takes time to write to us about them — not everyone does that. Of the four of her favourite, we decided to check out something we don’t normally go for … Thai.


The Thai Kitchen is located in the strip mall on the corner of No 2 Road and Blundell. Rachel told us of their amazing Lunch Specials ($6.95 with 35 different choices and includes spring roll). However, we were there for dinner instead. One thing that we really appreciate seeing in the restaurants we visit these days is “No MSG”. They boldly reminded their customers that.


They have a steady stream of customers. And one thing we noticed is that their customers are almost all white. I had never seen so many white customers in an Asian restaurant and that leads me to think that Thai food somehow appeals to whites more. Actually, I do know that Thai restaurants are the more popular Asian restaurants in Bellingham and Seattle (read Mae Phim) too. You think my observation is just coincidence or do you think it’s true?

Anyway, Thai Kitchen do have a lot of take out customers. During the time we were there, there was easily ten separate customers coming in to pick up take-out food.

The interior is painted in a warm pinkish-red and orange.

Thai Kitchen looks like it’s owned and operated by Chinese as we heard them speaking in Mandarin. Moreover, they play Chinese oldies in the restaurant — including one of Suanne’s favourites … Teresa Teng’s The Moon Represents My Heart.

Credit: Toronto Pianist, Gordon Murray

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We wanted to try their Spicy Prawns Soup. It is actually Tom Yum soup but Thai Kitchen chooses to leave out unfamiliar non-English names. Tom Yum is a hot and sour soup and is probably the most well known Thai dish besides Pad Thai.

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