Any Tips for Vacation to France, Spain and Morocco?

We just came back from the library and raided the shelves of travel books we can find about travel to France, Spain and Morroco. Yup, that is our vacation plan this summer. I was in Paris two years ago, which I had blogged about it here before. However, Suanne has never been there before.

We will most definitely start our travel from Paris because I had recently gotten a staff travel pass to the Charles de Gaulle airport. It will just be Suanne and I as the boys will be in summer camp during that time.


Our general plan is to start from Paris and then travel to Barcelona and Madrid. We would also want to cross the Straights of Gibraltar to step onto African soil. Time permitting, we might even go to Portugal.

I am sure some of you had been to these countries before. So, Suanne and I would welcome any tips and pointers about travel to these places. We are looking for info on intercity travel, places to visit, customs, security, currency, visas … and most important of all, FOOD!


We also gotten quite a number of magazines too from the library. There is a lot of reading to do which I really like to do. After all, half the fun in a vacation is the planning and dreaming!

BTW, we have 2.5 weeks to spend in Europe and will be traveling in July. Spain will be the focus of our trip.


So … why Spain? In one word, elBulli.

No, we did not get a reservation to the No 1 Restaurant in the world (damn you, Luis!). Our primary plan for this trip is to go for the next best thing. It all started when Angie gave us the “A Day ay elBulli” book as a gift a few months ago. It is an awesome book. Any real foodie should at least read this book. It is a thick book that chronicles a day at elBulli … from day break at 6:05AM to when the kitchen lights are switched off at 2:00AM. You will love this book.

Getting a reservation to elBulli is next to impossible. They are opened only like six months in a year (with the remaining months spent on scouring the globe for the taste for the next year). They received 2 million reservation requests each year for only 8,000 seatings. The reservation is filled on the very day it is opened for the year — all selected by this one guy, Luis.

In that book, they pointed out that if you still want to taste Ferran Adria’s gastronomic innovations, you could … in a restaurant at the elBulli hotel in Sevilla. But they only serve food from previous year’s menu of elBulli.

It is still the dream of Suanne and I to dine at elBulli but until that day, we will settle for second best.

Help us plan for the trip.

Phyllo Cup

Minoo demonstrated a dessert made with phyllo dough in the South Arm Community Kitchen. It was an eye opener for some of the members of the South Arm Community Kitchen as they have never use a phyllo dough before. The dessert Minoo made is called Phyllo Cup.


The Phyllo Cup can be filled with various fillings. Minoo choosed to fill the Phyllo Cup with honey filling with berries. Other alternatives are lemon cheesecake filling and espresso coconut macadamia filings.

The Phyllo Cup is very crunchy and light. You really need a plate to eat this Phyllo Cup as the crumbs keep falling off the Phyllo Cup when you bite into it and you can hear the crunch every bite.


  • 8 sheets frozen Phyllo dough, thawed
  • 4 teaspoons sugar
  • butter & milk to brush on the dough or you may just use Pam spray


  • 3 oz softened cream cheese
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons honey
  • 1/2 cup whipping cream
  • one teaspoon vanilla extract
  • fresh strawberries or other berries


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