Party Tray from Jumbo Sushi

Alright, this will come across to you like a test post. It is. There are a few things I wanted to test out and wanted to see how it goes.


For some reason, I felt that the past winter had been particular long and drabby and cold. Nothing exciting happened during the past few months. But the winter is finally over … yah!

Actually it was still cold but at least the sun is out with a vengeance. So, I dragged a very reluctant Suanne out (the boys were OK) to have sushi takeout lunch at the park. I am wicked, I know.


We went to Jumbo Sushi to get a couple of Party Trays. Their party trays are “buy one get the second one 50% off”. If my memory serves me correct, this tray is $18.


The sushis are so inconsistent. Some of them tasted and looked OK like the ones above.


Some of them are so soggy it was terrible. This was so unlike our previous visits. I know now why some of the commenters did not like Jumbo Sushi when I blogged about the place.


We did not even touch the wasabi if that is what it was. LOL!


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  1. BonBon

    Do you think that the sushi at Jumbo Sushi is machine made? I am looking at the rolls and some of them look very square shaped… slightly mechanical. I know it is a trend to do it this way. How do you feel about it?

    1. Ben

      I don’t think so BonBon. It is because I have seen the chef making it by hand the way it is normally made.

  2. BonBon

    Have you ever been to the Japanese restaurant Ichiro? It is located in Steveston Village, Richmond. No doubt, it is one of my favourite restaurants ever! I highly recommend it, it has a nice family environment and great quality food for a good price. It is close to the harbour, guarunteeing you fresh fish. If you have time, check it out! I am sure Nanzaro would enjoy the salmon sashimi! (It is red, not orange.)

    1. Ben

      I have heard about Ichiro but never been there. We would check it out, maybe this weekend even.

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