G-Men Ramen on Sexsmith Road, Richmond

Updated: 15th Dec 2014; This restaurant has relocated to G-Men Ramen Izakaya@Nanchuu.

For so long we had only known of one Ramen shop in Richmond — Ajisen Ramen. When we heard that the venerable Gyoza King is opening a Ramen shop in Richmond, that place bubbled to the top of our to-visit place.

We know that both Arkensen and Nanzaro will like ramen. They devour MSG-laden instant noodles so much that we buy instant noodles by the box (30 packets!). They can easily finish 2 packets even after having a full dinner. So, Ramen will be up their alley.


G-Men Ramen is located in the Continental strip mall on Sexsmith and Cambie. It is on a corner shoplot which used to be a pho place.

We were there at about 11:15AM thinking that they would have opened by then as with most restaurants in Richmond. At that time, there were already three parties waiting for it to open. The sign outside said they open at 11:30AM but it was not until 11:45AM before they open the doors. At that time, I counted 15 people already waiting for it to open.


Frankly, I think they did not use their brains at all. Even if they are not ready (and late!), they could at least have opened the doors to the customers and let them have a seat and explain they need more time. The customers would have understood. So, some of the customers were fuming mad … a hungry customer is an angry customer. Simple as that … the staff need adult supervision. LOL!


Their menu is simple … just two pages with big prints. Of course, the main items are Ramen. There are four types of ramens costing between $8.00 and $8.50. Extra toppings and noodles are anywhere between 50 cents to $3.

Even though we were the fourth party shown the table, it actually took a long while before we got the ramen. I was expecting it to be served very fast since I reckon that it’s just pouring prepared soup into the bowl.


Arkensen ordered the first item on the menu. The first item on most menus are the specialty item. It is the authentic Tonkotsu (“pork bone”) Ramen with its distinctive cloudy broth. The broth is simply the most flavourful and richer compared to the other ramens we ordered.


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