Delicious Cuisine on Alderbridge Way, Richmond

Do you know how many Richmond area restaurant reviews we had done so far? 145. One would have thought that pretty much covers all the major restaurants. But no … I won’t be surprised that for every one we had reviewed, there are perhaps 10 which we have never step into before.

Who knows, right? Maybe Richmond has the highest concentration of Asian restaurants in North America.


Delicious Cuisine is one of those places we had always know about but for some reason we have never step into it before. Come to think of it, we had always kept our eyes peeled on the east side of No 3 Road and had pretty much ignored anything on the western side.

Delicious Cuisine is located on the strip mall on Alderbridge Way and No 3 Road. If you are looking for the signboard that says Delicious Cuisine, you will not find it. The sign outside is actually Zephyr in the Sky — that is the old name.


We were kind of confuse too. The sign outside the restaurant and behind the bar area shows that it’s called Zephyr in the Sky. All other things like the menu and even the paper mats says Delicious Cuisine.

So we asked the really friendly waitress why the two names. She explained that it’s the same restaurant … the same chef, the same owner and same staff. They started to change their image and name about one month ago and the makeover will take some more time.


It was pretty quiet when we were there. That is despite that it was lunch time on a weekend. The place was spacious and had a lot of different seating configurations. There were private rooms, areas with sofa and U-shaped booths.

Service was great. We always enjoyed it when the waitress do not mind us asking questions. As a matter of fact, she was quite eager to speak to us. It helps too since the restaurant was not that busy.


They had a new menu along with the new image and name. The menu is a mix of Taiwanese and Hongkong Style cafe food. They told us they are also trying to introduce dim sums in their restaurant too.

We like this kind of menu … they have pictures along with English names.


We placed our orders on the order form. Despite it being in Chinese, we just need to cross-reference the numbers on the menu and select what we wanted. Prices are indicated on the order form.


We had Pu Erh Chinese tea with chrysanthemum flavor. It was really thick. We like this because of its purported healthy properties in lowering cholesterol and weight loss. High quality Pu Erh tea leaves could cost hundreds of dollars.


Nanzaro ordered the less healthier modern tea … the Mocha Milk Tea. This is about $4.50 and came in a very tall glass. The glass was at least 10 inches tall.


The boys chooses to have their own dishes. They don’t like sharing dishes. We let them decide what they wanted for themselves but for Suanne and I, we went to choose two “zhong” (is that how you spell dishes in Cantonese?).

The first dish was the House Special Smoked Duck. I was more drawn to the words “House Special” because that indicates it is their specialty. The Smoked Duck was good but I do wish they had a more meatier cut and lesser bones. It was quite boney and you perhaps can imagine how sharp duck bones are compared to chicken. The taste and smell of smokiness is pronounced. They did this very well and is $8. Rice are extra though ($1 each).


The other dish we had was even better. It is called the Deep Fried Shrimp with Salted Egg Yolk. Surprisingly it is just $6.75. Both Suanne and I loved the creaminess from the egg yolk. It is the egg yolk that makes this stands apart from the normal Deep Fried Shrimp dishes. The prawns were both succulent and quite fat too. They are deep fried so well that even the shells are edible.

The really best part of this dish is …


… garlic and green onion bits. As you might imagine … they were enriched with egg yolk. Simply marvelous with steamed rice. It just burst with flavour with every bite.


Nanzaro’s choice was the Shanghai Style Fried Rice in Casserole. I find this quite expensive at $12.25 and also that the serving is quite small.

It is really good though … much better than the normal fried rice. It was served in a very hot claypot — so hot we could hear the crackling heat. The rice were dry’ish which is how we like fried rice to be. We cannot quite figure out the many ingredients used here.


Arkensen had Steamed Pork Dumplings with Fish Roe. It looked unexciting. It also looked exactly like the type we normally buy from the freezer section of dumpling stores. $4.50 … save your money and get something else. Despite my opinion, Arkensen said he likes it.


Arkensen also ordered the Steamed Sticky Rice wrapped in Bamboo Leaf. Again, it looked very unexciting. A basket has two pieces of this and costs $4.50 too. Arkensen likes this too.


I think Delicious Cuisine does some dishes very well, particularly the ones that Suanne and I ordered. It is worth checking those out. The Dim Sums are nothing spectacular really. The total came up to $50.

Their prices are quite reasonable. Some are a bit too expensive we felt but some are cheaper than we expected (like in the case of the deep fried shrimp with egg yolk).

Delicious Cuisine(一品怪廚) on UrbanspoonBusiness Hour

Lunch: 11:30 am to 3:00 pm
Dinner: 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Closed on Tuesday

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  1. Vanessa

    hey =) u went !
    i love their pork intestine…<3 lol i was in heaven when i bit into them lol

  2. Lina

    Just surfing around and found your site. Its pretty kool. You give us a good feedback about the restaurant + you have pictures to show us..!!! Give us an opportunities to choose restaurants. haha

  3. johnners

    I used to frequent zephyr a lot. My friends and i would always drop by after an evening at E Spot Billiards & Arcade which was just around the corner. The couches and booths were a nice place to converse with friends and to just have a nice time together over some bubble tea.

  4. Nicole

    Wow i had no idea that Zephyr was renamed. I used to always go there on a regular basis to eat out.

  5. BonBon

    I’m glad you enjoyed this! I am quite a fan of this place as well. I think that the pearls (black balls in Nanzaro’s drink) are very well done. I am quite experienced in bubble tea, so trust me when I say the pearls are really well done. I never tried the Chinese cuisine there, but I always went for the Taiwanese. For example, deep fried chicken nuggets or a variety of shaved ice and hotpots. It is a nice place for a late night fried snacks.

  6. Jenny

    We’re friends with the owner, and I don’t believe that they’re trying to change the name…
    Zephyr in the Sky is closed daytime, using the space to provide food from Delicious Cuisine.
    But at night (during dinner and later), it serves Zephyr in the Sky food (more modernized Taiwanese snacks and food and drinks).
    So if you want drinks, go to Zephyr in the Sky
    If you want good food for lunch and dinner, go to Delicious Cuisine. 🙂

  7. timetochow

    been to both. and definitely Delicious Cuisine is much better.
    ZITS is too much ‘hit and miss’.
    Delicious is definitely worth checking out.

    Based on the pic Ben And Suanne went to ZITS. I been a few times. But most of my friends prefer other BBT places though i think they have a better and wider selection of food here like double boiled soups.

    Delicious Cuisine is better.

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