Falafel Town in Downtown Vancouver

This was a pretty random pick.  Suanne and I was walking along Granville St checking out the place.  We wanted to just grab something light to eat and came upon the sign that says “Best in Town”.


I was thinking that Falafel Town could be as good as Abdul’s Sharwarma in Burnaby which I enjoyed a lot.


Falafel Town is a Lebanese restaurant. We know very little about Lebanese food, as a matter of fact we only got to learn what a Falafel really is here. No, we did not try the “best in town” Falafel here.  They looked kind of too dryish for our liking that day.

The owner was a really friendly chap and he put up with our questions.  As a matter of fact he was quite eager to educate us.  We were told that contrary to the spicy hotness of some of the Vancouver Mediterranean food, Lebanese food in essence are not spicy.  One thing to describe Lebanaese food is that they are almost always garlicky.  They commonly use olive oil and lemon for seasoning too.


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Saigon City Vietnamese Restaurant on Garden City and Blundell, Richmond

Arkensen and Nanzaro both wanted Pho.  Actually they wanted either pho or sushi.  We ruled out sushi — Suanne and I just did not want sushi because we are beginning to get tired of the sushi that the boys wanted.


I think we had covered every single Vietnamese restaurant already in Richmond on chowtimes.  There is a brand new Vietnamese restaurant … actually a restaurant under new management.  Saigon City is located on the strip mall on Garden City and Blundell.


Truth be told.  We did not place much hope on Saigon City being great.  It has all the trappings of a small time neighborhood Vietnamese restaurant.  But we did find a couple of surprises here.

Service was great and down to earth friendly.  For a moment we were somewhat disappointed that they spoke to us in perfect Cantonese.  It was later then Suanne pointed out to me that they were chatting away in Vietnamese between themselves.  So … this was after all a real Vietnamese restaurant.  LOL!  Faith restored.

The restaurant was not really big but it was quite busy.


We asked them what their specialty is.  Without hesitation, they said we must try their Deep Fried Chicken Wings.  It was $4 for three wings which I thought was a wee bit expensive.  The wings were really good.  Not only was the taste good it looked good too.  The batter was light and the skin was crisp.  It was not particularly greasy.  I remember it was really hot … of course, it just came right out from the deep fryer.


Suanne decided on something light.  It was not on the menu but Suanne saw a an old sign (perhaps from the previous management’s menu) of the Green Papaya Salad Special ($5.50).  They told us they don’t serve this anymore and after a while, the waitress asked us to wait while she goes to the back.  She came back and told us yes … they will make it specially for us.  Wow, we were impressed.

The Green Papaya Salad texture was a lot like semi cooked vermicelli.  It has prawns and slices of pork and topped with crushed peanuts.  It was great. (more…)

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