Falafel Town in Downtown Vancouver

This was a pretty random pick.  Suanne and I was walking along Granville St checking out the place.  We wanted to just grab something light to eat and came upon the sign that says “Best in Town”.


I was thinking that Falafel Town could be as good as Abdul’s Sharwarma in Burnaby which I enjoyed a lot.


Falafel Town is a Lebanese restaurant. We know very little about Lebanese food, as a matter of fact we only got to learn what a Falafel really is here. No, we did not try the “best in town” Falafel here.  They looked kind of too dryish for our liking that day.

The owner was a really friendly chap and he put up with our questions.  As a matter of fact he was quite eager to educate us.  We were told that contrary to the spicy hotness of some of the Vancouver Mediterranean food, Lebanese food in essence are not spicy.  One thing to describe Lebanaese food is that they are almost always garlicky.  They commonly use olive oil and lemon for seasoning too.


Despite our original intention to get something light, we ended up with a Lamb Plate.  I just wanted to try the delicious looking meat on the Sharwarma machine.  The owner told us that between the three meats they have we should try the lamb.  This is $8 and came in a huge plate containing also rice, salad and humus.  It’s a full meal and a bit more too.  Maybe we were not used to the way this is made … it was sourish for us.  The lamb was kind of tough — you know, lots of chewing involved.  Between Suanne and I, we finished this nevertheless.


The owner told us to we should also try the Baked Beef Samosa ($5).  We are always game to try new stuff.  It ended up that the Lamb Plate was too much and we asked for the Baked Beef Samosa to go.  I had this for lunch in the office the following day.  Again it was too sourish for my taste.

The owner chatted with us about the changes he is seeing on this section of Granville St.  He complained that rent is rising but is cautiously hopeful that the transformation that is happening in this side of downtown will bring back the foot traffic.  He is excited for the Olympics for sure.

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  1. LotusRapper

    Ben – what do you mean by “sourish” ? Something in the lamb dish made it taste sour ?

    1. Ben

      Hi LotusRapper: Oh … the sourness did not come from the lamb. It was from the lemon and some other stuff (yogurt perhaps?)I was not familiar with.

  2. LotusRapper

    Probably the yogurt. Good quality “authentic” yogurts tend to taste that way (compared to N. American yogurt which is more often used in a sweet form for dessert-related foods) and I guess you must have got a good squirt of lemon juice on your plate from the vendor.

  3. Windy

    Hmm… should the meat be chewy? I thought they normally slice the meat quite thin. I wonder would they use sour cream as well as other thing like lemon?

  4. koji

    uhhhhhh…..i read this twice, but where is the address?

    1. Ben

      Oh sorry Koji. A little tip here in case I forgot to provide the address in future: you can click on the blue UrbanSpoon button at the bottom of every restaurant review to fire up the page of the restaurant, including maps, addresses, menu and reviews. Check that out! Ben

  5. Falconizer

    I dont think there is such thing as ‘right’ or ‘[w]rong’ when it comes to food… as we all know, it depends on the individuals.

    by the way… I’m so jealous with Ben and Suanne! I mean come on, all those mouthwatering food experience… *drools*

    1. Ben

      Hi Falconizer: Thanks for the response. The commenter was spamming us because it came as a series of comment from the same source under different names. I had deleted the comments. BTW, we do not eat as much as you think we do! Ben

  6. Omar S.

    {This comment had been deleted upon the request of the commentator.}

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