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Hi All:

There is a few things I wanted to let you all know.  So, I guess the best way is to do this is to broadcast this on a blog post.

Chow Times Readers Dinner

I am trying to finalize the dinner details the next couple of day.  There are a few person who had indicated that they would like to attend but for some reason I am unable to get a response when I sent out the dinner details twice.  I think my emails might have landed on their spam folder.

The responses we had is good.  There are a few more places that I want to fill so that we can absolutely take over a private room for the dinner.  The dinner will be fun and a one-of-a-kind experience in a very relaxed and informal setting.  The cuisine will be exotic.  If you want to join us, just send me an email at and I will forward you the details.  The dinner will be from 5PM-8PM on Saturday, 20-June-2009.

Free Dessert from Ebisu

There were some confusion and flip-flopping over the Chowtimes-Ebisu exclusive Free Dessert promotion.  Sorry about that.  I want to confirm and let everyone know that you will get a Free Dessert for Every $30 Spent.  We had a few feedback on email telling Suanne and I that they enjoyed this.  If you had never been to Ebisu before, you should check them out.  Please check the details of the Free Dessert promotion here.

Keeping Track of Comments on Chow Times

We had just installed a new feature on the commenting system on Chow Times.  You can now keep track of responses via email to the comments you made on Chow Times.


If you want to be notified of followup comments through email, you just need to mark on the checkbox below the <Submit Comment> button.  Remember to leave a valid email address before you hit submit.

Have a good weekend and eat well!

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    1. Ben

      That was a good one! Thanks for the link!

  1. deeta

    Hey, my friends and I went to Ebisu with the free dessert coupon. We spent almost 80 dollars, ordering 3 types of desserts, but the manager (Derek, was it?) only gave us 1 free. It might have been a misunderstanding on our part, but I just wanted to give a feedback.

    I have to agree on Ebisu tho, the food was great and the place was awesome too!

    1. Ben

      Hi Detta:
      I will get in touch with Deon and let him know of your feedback. I’ll get back to you once I hear from him.
      Thanks, Ben

    2. Ben

      Hi Deeta:
      I had a reply from Ebisu. They had confirmed that it is a free dessert for $30 spent. The coupon was described correctly but somewhere in the posting I had put in “For Every $30 Spent …” when we should have said “For $30 Spent …”. Sorry for the confusion and it is largely due to our inexperience in doing promos like this and not being careful in wording it correctly. I had made the necessary corrections by striking out the word “every” in the post.

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