Charm Modern Thai on Hamilton Street, Vancouver

Updated: 4th July 2012; This restaurant had closed according to

Suanne and I had an invitation from Charm Modern Thai a couple of weeks ago to check out the restaurant.  I had been following their Twitterings for sometime and seeing what they had, we thought we go try their food.  Moreover, we had not done many Thai restaurant reviews … so, this looks perfect place for our Friday dinner.

Lately I had been working like a dog with 12-hour days starting at 6AM.  I have just a few more weeks to go before a major project delivery — there was just so many loose ends to tie.  So I really needed to cap off the week and putting work behind me for the weekend by going out for dinner with Suanne.  I enjoy moments like this and it helps.


Charm Modern Thai is located on Hamilton Street in Yaletown.  Hamilton Street is like a high end glutton square if you ask me.  This stretch is well designed for restaurants with raised platform wide enough for patios which seems to be a crowd puller in warmer weather.


We initially opted to sit indoors.  Although pleasant and nice, the decor inside were quite dark.  It was also such a sunny day outside we asked for a change of table to the outside.

Service was great and the wait staff who attended to us was very helpful with our questions of the menu.  We actually spent quite a bit of time on the menu.  It was not a surprise to us because Charm Modern Thai were expecting Suanne and I.


They had quite a number of specials going on every now and then.  So, it pays to ask for their specials.  Their lunch specials looks like a bargain.

Charm-Modern-Thai-4-400x600 Charm-Modern-Thai-5-400x600

They have a $35 and $25 Set Menu.  Comparing the prices of the individual items on the menu, it is way much cheaper getting the Set Menu.  It is a four-course menu and is meant for 2 to 6 people.  Apparently they have another menu if the party is more than six people.

We opted for the more pricier $35 set menu.  After all, it included house wine and has better choices throughout the four courses.


Too bad I did not know there are house wine before I placed my order.  I had on the onset ordered a Thai beer to try.  The Chang beer ($5) is low in alcohol content at just 5% but that was more than enough for me.  I declined the house wine and you know that Suanne doesn’t drink.  So, it was kind of a waste!

Suanne and I was so glad that the Chef came to our table and virtually hosted this dinner by being present as each dish was presented.  The Executive Chef’s name is Tipnari Kulwinanich but she told us to call her just Tiffanie which was much easier to address her!  This is what Suanne and I enjoy in doing reviews — being able to get to know more about the food and the people behind them.  It sure adds a dimension to the experience.  He he he … this is one of the perks of being food bloggers.


Our first appy is the Rock Pepper with Garlic Prawns.  The were four pieces of prawns and served with a delightful mango salad in the middle.  The mango salad is flavored with sambal and Nam Prik Pao (roasted Thai Chili Paste) and had a tinge of spiciness added to the sweet-sourness of the mango.


They gave us really big prawns.  It was delicious and absolutely delightful, especially the garlic and pepper bits.  Ordered on its own, this is $10.  We see that almost all tables around us had this distinctly presented prawns.


They also gave me a bowl of lime water with just a small piece of lime in it.  It tasted just like water.  😉 (more…)

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