Tangthai Cuisine of Thailand on Broadway and Fir, Vancouver

Updated on 20th April 2010: This location is being closed.

ChowtimesNoWord32x32This is a complementary meal from Tangthai.

OK, I admit.  I am still on vacation mode!  Suanne and I had a wonderful time the past three weeks in Spain on a Gastronomic Tour.  We will share with you some of the wonderful experiences we had … and YES! … we tried El Bulli’s molecular gastronomy food … finally!  More about that next week.

Just the day before we left for Spain, Suanne and I were invited to a new restaurant which belonged to a  friend of a dear  friend.  It was so new that it was just opened the week before our visit.


Tangthai is an offshoot of a very successful Thai restaurant in Edmonton called Padthai.  Tangthai is located on Broadway near the intersection with Fir.

Sonia is the person behind both Tangthai and Padthai.  When Sonia decided to open a restaurant in Vancouver, she wanted Tangthai to be the better version of Padthai.


Suanne and I were quite awe by the decor and ambiance in the restaurant.  It was quite lavishly decorated with Thai art pieces … every single of which is hand picked by Sonia from Thailand.   Each of the woodwork art pieces are unique and one of the kind.

You can’t really see the carvings on the side of the table top from the picture above.  They were designed by Sonia who had them hand carved for Tangthai and shipped from Thailand.  There is no doubt that Sonia wanted Tangthai to project the authenticity of Thai culture and cuisine.


I must say we had a LOT of food!  Sonia wanted us to try as many dishes so much that we had to ask her to stop!

Sonia calls the appetizer above the Golden Triangle ($8).  It is an deep fried egg wrapping stuffed with minced chicken, green peas, potatoes and carrot.  The dipping sauce served is sweet chili sauce.  Tastewise, it reminds me a lot of the curry puff I used to have except that this has a crunchy crispy wrapper around it.  It was very nice as an appy.


Sonia made sure that not only each of her dishes tastes good, it also had to look good.  Tangthai’s appetizers were all garnished with food carvings.


The other appetizers we had is called the Prawn Skirt ($9 for four).  It is like a high end spring roll except that they use better ingredients.  Stuffed with prawn, minced crab meat and water chestnut, it gives a very distinct texture.  We like this one a lot.


We met the man behind the carvings.  His name is Kandy and is the chief cook at Tangthai.  Kandy had won numerous fruit carving competition in Thailand.  As a matter of fact, he WAS the chief cook at Padthai in Edmonton until Sonia decided that Vancouver deserves the services of her best cook. (more…)

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