Chiffon Chinese Cuisine on Garden City and Alderbridge Way, Richmond

Updated: 10th Dec 2014; This restaurant is closed according to

Strange as it might seem to you but we had NEVER ever driven into the strip mall at the intersection of Garden City and Alderbridge Way.  I mean, we know fully well there is a strip mall.  I think it’s the way it is laid out that makes people bypass this place.

Firstly there is a hedge all around the area which partly obscure the strip mall from the busy intersection.  Moreover, it is the awkward way the car wash is positioned that partly hides the access road too.  I think if they demolish the car wash, this place will open up to more traffic.


Little did we know that there is a Taiwanese style cafe located here.  We only knew reading about the Chiffon Chinese Cuisine on Wendy’s Eat n About blog here.


We are not sure how long Chiffon Chinese had been around but they looked new.  It has quite a big dining area … a signed by the door says that there are 90 seats here.  It is clean with a modern and bright interior.

It is quite apparent to us that this restaurant caters to the younger customers from the decor, and the loud (Mandarin) music.

They have a surprising large number of staff.  Being early eaters, there were hardly any customer on our visit.  So, it felt kind of odd having the staff out number the customers.


You know, Nanzaro and Arkensen does not want to share dishes anymore.  I am not sure why.  They just wanted to order their own dish.

Chiffon has a $25 Combo for Two which you can pick three dishes and includes dessert, soup and rice.  It would have been perfect to share between three people but none of the boys wanted to share.  Suanne decided it was way too much for the two of us (despite it being a Combo for Two) and dropped the idea of ordering this.


One thing we noticed.  In Taiwanese restaurants, they normally print your order and cello-tape it to your table.  Did you notice that it’s normally in Taiwanese restaurants only?  You certainly don’t see this from HK Style Cafes.  They mark off the items as each dish is delivered to the table.  It’s a simple way to validate your order and also keep track of what had been delivered.

Is this practice widespread in Taiwan … anyone from Taiwan can confirm this?


Nanzaro, ever the one who wants to order fancy dishes, decided to get the Pig Intestines in Chili Hotpot.  This is $8.

There were not much pig intestines here.  You get a lot of stuff like pig blood … lots of it … and …


… beansprout.  It does look full and delicious but frankly, it was just so-so.


Pork blood … congealed blood.  I remember I used to like it when I was really young.  My mum used to make it a lot.  I stopped having it when I was told in church that Christian are not supposed to consume blood.  Now I can’t bring myself to eat them.  Nanzaro wasn’t too excited over it either and left it untouched.


I had the Chicken with Three Spices ($7.50).  It smelt really good when they brought it to the table, especially the basil.

However, the meat was really tough and not tender at all.  It is so unfortunate that the meat is so tough, otherwise it would have been a great dish.


The Chicken came with rice and small dishes of bean sprout, marinated tofu and preserved vegetables.  We did not like the rice.  We wished that it was not that sticky and starchy.


Suanne ordered the Spicy Twice Cooked Pork which is $7.50.  This is much better than mine.


Arkensen ordered the Shredded Pork in Satay Sauce Fried Noodle.  This is $7.50.  The serving looks kind of small.  We did not get to taste this but Arkensen said this is good.  We’ll take his word for it.


Some of the dishes (can’t remember which) came with dessert.  They serve yam jello.  The servings is so small, I felt it was kind of meaningless serving it at all.  It tasted great.  First time I had yam jello.


The bill came up to just $32.  Chiffon is cheap, no doubt about it.  I think they cater mainly for the younger crowd where price is more important than quality.  I find that Chiffon is just average in terms of food.  I will not likely come back again given there are much more better places in Richmond … just wasn’t impressed.

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  1. Chris

    I am totally impressed your kids would order intestines! Mine would run screaming from the table! I love the blood jello tho I’d only order it in a restaurant, not cook it at home. Nobody else eats it. I don’t recall it being banned religiously. Ever tried blood pudding?? Now, that I find yucky!

  2. ainwa

    I don’t think there are any specific rules for Christians about food. There are many Jewish food laws, but they were not taken up by the Christians who were not originally Jewish.

    I don’t think I could eat the pigs blood, as it is culturally unknown to me. I tried tripe the other day in a hot pot and didn’t like the texture or blandness much. Maybe it would be better in a flavored sauce.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip to Spain!

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