Spain: Flying from Seattle to Barcelona

It was Sleepless in Seattle … we hardly slept the night before.  It was partly because the bed at the cheap $49.99 hotel room we stayed in was as hard as a rock and partly because we were excited.  It was more like due to 90% excitement and 10% bed issue.  Yeah, yeah … it felt like it is our first visit to Disneyland when we were kids!

The flight from Seattle to Barcelona was at 8AM.  We took the motel’s complementary shuttle to the Airport shortly after 5AM.  We wanted to get to the gate with plenty of time to spare because being standby passengers, I was afraid we get processed in the lowest priority. The shuttle to the airport was not really complementary because we tipped the driver $2.  He was a nice guy and helped us with the bags and all.

We went through the normal staff check in.  They issued us the boarding pass with no seat assignments.  We had to go thru security and all that to get to the gate … and then endure the agonizing wait until the last moment before they issue us the real boarding pass with seat numbers.  If the flight is full, well … we go out and wait for the next flight … the NEXT DAY!  So we were quite anxious up to the point when they issued us the passes.


Seattle’s airport is beautiful.  I did not recall seeing it this way the last time we travelled via SEA.  They have floor to ceiling glass wall looking out to the tarmac at the eating tables area.


After clearing security, we had one hour.  So we went to get some breakfast.  Really, we were not in the mood to eat.


The Verona Scramble sounded good and ordered that.  It came in a box and looked really unappetizing.

I saw them making it.  The scrambled “eggs” were already all mixed and beaten up in a pail.  They just scoop the mix and make it on the griddle.  That is American efficiency for ya!

It costs $6.55 USD and came with a slice of bread on the side.   There are potato wedges and “scramble eggs” with green onions, tomatoes and sausages.  Not too good.


Suanne got her breakfast from Starbucks.  The  Cafe Mocha was USD $3.70.


The Chocolate Chip Scone were USD $1.35.  It was really dry.


We got on the plane without a problem.  The flight to Barcelona took a total of 13 hours in all with a 1.5 hour stopover in Philadelphia.

US Airways has one of the worst record for flight delays and to no surprise to us, our flight was delayed.   (more…)

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