Barcelona: Guess Who We Bumped Into At Casa Mila

It was a long day.  The day started off with waiting two hours for the start of the Tour de France.  And then we went to the Sagrada Familia which we waited for one hour to get to the top of the tower.  And we went to Casa Batllo where there are no chairs and Suanne wanted to listen to every commentary on the audio guide.  We were dead tired.  But still we continue to walk to another famous apartment designed by Gaudi.


The Casa Mila is one of the more famous of Gaudi’s apartments.  Like Casa Batllo, Casa Mila is over 100 years old.  It is amazing that after all these years, this building looked like it was 10-20 years old only.


The lines turned me off.  This is going to be another agonizing wait to go in … not to mention having to deal with the boring narations on Gaudi’s architecture and designs.  Suanne said we should go since we are already here.  I said I am OK waiting for her at the street benches … and that was that … she is not going to go in herself.

I wanted to take a complete picture of the Casa Mila.  We crossed the street to a center median and while I was taking a shot, Suanne nudged me and whispered.  “Honey, look who is standing next to us”.  I turned around and oh wow … it was …


It was Megan McCormick of Pilot Guides (used to be Lonely Planets)!  Pilot Guides is one of our favourite TV shows.

I couldn’t believe I was just standing next to her.  I asked Suanne to say hi to her.  She’s chicken and said why don’t I do that.

Well, frankly … I was chicken myself.  Anyway, my reasoning is that I will be interrupting her discussion with her crew.

So, question … why does the two chicken cross the road?  Answer … to take the picture of Megan from the distance.  That is what we did.

I want Megan’s job.  It is like being paid and get famous just for going to vacation everyday.  Nice!

So, Megan, if you happen to read this blog post, let me know if you want to do a joint vacation review with  Just send me an email to, alright?  LOL!


Megan was there apparently to film the Casa Mila for her upcoming series on Spain.  Oh wow … see that shot above?  Both Megan and I took the same shot from the same spot on the same date and time.  She took video and I took digital photo shots.

She is so pretty … sigh.

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  1. eddie

    I had a huge crush on her back when I used to watch Lonely Planet.

  2. Jessica

    🙂 Your crush on Megan is so cute.
    Love reading about your travels in Spain!

  3. Alice

    If I can only pick one to visit, I pick Casa Batlló. It has more interesting details than Casa Mila.

    I went inside both apartments on the same day. It was inevitable to have serious Gaudi fatigue?

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